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07-22-05, 01:35 PM
Formerly known as SLICKTOP, I am now BALDY. I did not know how to change this on NGTO so I re-registered. I am no longer at the slicktop email address, lost my job. Just wanted everyone to know. What do I do to kill my old slicktop so messages will not automatically be sent there? Also, please check the FOR SALE forum, I am having a clearance sale. Thanks, Baldy.

The Owl
07-22-05, 02:04 PM
Hey.....ummm.......Baldy. :) Feels funny calling you that.
Sorry to hear about your job thing. Been there, done that and usually it's no fun at all. I don't need anything right now, but I looked at the stuff you're selling and those are some awesome deals. Sorry to hear you're gonna part with that stuff.

07-26-05, 08:46 AM
Sorry about the job loss- I know it's hard. Imagine working at an airline like some of us do. Talk about waiting for the shoe to drop!!!

The Owl
07-26-05, 09:47 AM
I heard the other day that some airline( can't remember which one, sorry) was actually going to report profits this quarter. Maybe it'll get better for you. I know how bad it is to work on a (seems like anyway) sinking ship.

I was watching that show the other night about the airline terminal - man, what some people do simply amazes me (and not in a good way). I don't know how those airline employees put up with them day in and day out.

07-26-05, 01:22 PM
Yeah, I don't have a public contact job by choice. They have to put up with too much poo-poo....