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09-07-05, 01:51 AM
I just joined NGTO and recently started fly fishing and was wondering if anybody knew of some good fly shops around Athens or somewhat nearby. Thanks.

Also, just wondering if anybody had been below Buford Dam recently and what the water look like. I heard they turned a good bit of Lanier over and that the water has been pretty murky and the fishing hasn't been that good. Thanks again.

Josh Barnett
09-07-05, 07:46 AM
Welcome to NGTO.

Unfortunately, the closest thing to a fly shop in Athens is Franklin's. They do carry a very limited amount of fly fishing gear. Typically, they have the lower end rods, reels, and accesories there in their shop.

The best shop, in my opinion, in Georgia is located in Helen, Georgia. Unicoi Outfitters (http://www.unicoioutfitters.com) can be found on the South side of town in Nacoochee Village (close to Nora Mills and the Winery). They carry a full line of the biggest brand names in fly fishing. The main reason I suggest them is because of their knowledge of fly fishing here and abroad.

Unicoi Outfitters (http://www.unicoioutfitters.com) has a satellite shop in Blue Ridge, Georgia that features all of the same great things as mentioned above.

Bass Pro Shops (http://www.basspro.com ) has a full service fly shop inside their current facility. They carry a variety of top and bottom line gear, etc.

Their is also a fly shop in Blairsville, Georgia: Four Rivers Fly Shop. I've never used them, however I've heard lots of good things.

Reeve's Hardware in Clayton, Georgia carries a limited stock of fly fishing gear. They are located in downtown Clayton.

Orvis (http://www.orvis.com ) Store Locations: Buckhead, Norcross, and Cartersville

The Fish Hawk (http://www.thefishhawk.com ), located in downtown Buckhead, is a full service fly shop.

Fly Box Outfitters (http://www.flyboxoutfitters.com ), located in Kennesaw, is a full service fly shop.

09-07-05, 07:50 PM
I might add that Josh is being a bit modest.

I'm not very experienced at fly fishing, but I've seen some of the flies from Mr. Barnett's own Back Porch Fly Company (sorry if I got the name wrong Josh), and they look pretty darn good to me.

And if his results are an indication they also look pretty good to the fish.

Josh Barnett
09-07-05, 09:20 PM
Why thank you, Mr. Thomas!

I have some pictures for you. I'll try and get them to you by tommorow.

We need to go fishing again some time soon. Maybe we could plan an Athens Area trip as it seems many members, mostly students, are joining NGTO. Let me know what you think.

Rick Padgett
09-13-05, 12:10 PM
Nice to have you join us. I don't know a lot of these people on this board, but I have met Josh, and he seems to be a fine young man! On the other hand, this Speck guy?*&^%$ Just kidding, never met Speck, but have the utmost respect for him based on what little I do know about him. Lots of really great people on this board, so enjoy and learn from them all.

Tight Lines,

09-13-05, 10:14 PM
Well Rick I think you're just an old so-and-so ..

whatever that means.

Ditto Rick; great folks here including two long-timers who've posted to this thread (you figure out which two ;-) )