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10-02-05, 12:40 PM
Just wanted to say hello.

Josh Barnett
10-02-05, 01:35 PM
Hello and welcome to NGTO!

Why don't you share some general information about your favorite fishing places, methods, etc.? This will help to put you in touch with others interested in similiar things.

10-02-05, 03:43 PM
I live in Lawrenceville, fish at least once a week. I have been fishing my whole life. I fish mostly on the hooch above Abbotts but I have spent alot of time on the marsh around St. Simons and Atlanta area lakes.

10-02-05, 03:53 PM
Welcome fishdog!

10-02-05, 08:25 PM
Hiya Fishdog....there are a few trout fisher folk who live in the Larryville area. Been thinking about an East Siders meet and eat (a.k.a. Gloat and Bloat) for a while now...look for details in the Events and Happenings forum. Maybe week of 10/10....

10-02-05, 08:50 PM
Good to have you here.

Trout8, good idea. Post a place and time !

10-03-05, 08:52 PM

Welcome to the board. This is a great place to learn about the fishing around here and to meet new friends. If you have not looked at the thread under Events and Happenings about the Fall Fling, check it out. Great way to meet many of the folks from here.

Rick Padgett
10-05-05, 12:24 PM
Welcome to the best place for fishing info around. I don't know much, but much of what I do know came from folks on this board!

Tight Lines,