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10-11-05, 08:27 PM
Thank you for having such a great web site. I don't fish much with fly stuff but can feel your passion for being in the outdoors instead of stayin' home or honey doin' (god forbid) at the mall. Question for you guys (gals). From experience in North GA I don't quite understand you standing waste deep in cold water trying to catch sumpin' that would fit into a Starkist can or your new $100 vest pocket. Nothing against it cause if ya freeze em they do make great bait - but...

Bein' new I was hope'n to ask a few of questions if ya don't mind :)

How big are these FISH you catch in North GA?

Is this something the whole family gets involved in??

but most of all

Is it Grizzz - or - is it really Frizzz???

Really do like the site and hope to contribute.

Josh Barnett
10-11-05, 09:53 PM
Welcome to NGTO!

You type very well for an 8 year old! Glad to see we have more 'young' members.

Oh, and, it's got to be Frizzz.... ;)

Rick Padgett
10-20-05, 03:14 PM
Welcome Bullsitter. While there are many streams that have mainly wild, small trout. Many streams have fish in the 20" range, which is fairly large for a trout in any area, (especially the Southeast). Since Brook Trout are the only truly Native species for our streams, there is something special about catching them, regardless of how small they are.

Tight Lines

10-20-05, 03:54 PM
Good question... my short answer is this... it's like golf... if you got the fever, then you cant get rid of it... all you can do is try to satisfy it.

Here's my long answer ;)
Personally i love to find and explore new streams... have fished 21 different streams this season... and there's probably 3 times that many on my list to explore over the next few years... i have yet to see a single angler on any wild stream this year... there are waterfalls everywhere... ones that hardly anyone knows about... seeing those, the unique rock formations, and other natural features (including the occasional bear :yikes: and other wildlife) are worth it even without fishing... is great to get away from work and the daily grind... after returning from a fishing trip, i'm tired, but a lot less grouchy... that usually lasts for a week or two, then i'm grouchy again :o

On the fishing side, if not exploring, i like either like numbers or size... i can get the numbers on virtually any of "my" (lol) wild streams... by numbers, i mean like 25-50 fish... or i can do something different and hit a brown or brookie stream (or a mix) depending on what i feel like catching... and hey... some of those little wild fish (6-10") can feel like whoppers... especially in one stream i know of... not to mention their leaps out of the water :D .

Because our streams arent blessed with a high enough pH level, the size of fish is limited if they arent fed.... but if it's size i want, Water's (and a few other streams) is the ticket.... you can catch fat bows ranging from 10-20+ inches... Dukes also has some big fish, but i havent been yet (saving it for after oct. 31st)... have heard about some catching huge fish in wild streams... but we have learned from the fisheries biologist that most wild trout only get 5-8" before dying... so i dunno :confused:

For some, fishing is a social thing... i saw a group of several fly anglers on Water's yesterday... dont know if they were catching anything, but it looked like they were having a great time.

Oh and btw, i dont own a $100 vest :o and rarely get wet past the kness unless i bust it :rolleyes: