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05-02-07, 08:42 PM
Below is an offer you may wish to pass on to some of your fishing friends not only in GA but in FL also. I know you all mostly focus on Fly Fishing, but good fishing tips are good fishing tips, and I have fished with Cptn Rodney and he knows what he is doing down on the Indian River.
I know this is a short notice, but my Dad just posted this up on the Coastal Angler website http://www.coastalanglermagazine.com/

Ladies Only ~ Fishing 101 Workshop

Join Capt. Rodney Smith and Robin Folsom (CAM's Ladies Landings columnist) as they work together at the Fisherman’s World’s Fishnanaza on Saturday, May 12th, 2007.
This 5 hour instructional workshop is gear towards beginner and intermediate women anglers, and will cover the basic skills and techniques for inshore fishing: hands on casting instruction, tackle and bait rigging, bait handling and selection (shrimp/mullet/clams/sand fleas/ladyfish) and safe handling and releasing of fish.
Come join the fun. Registration is required! Email Rodney or call 321-750-3374 for more information.

Another thing, Rodney has been running " on the water classes" where essentially he has been taking folks out to the spots he frequented when he was still in the guiding business. I know my dad and I have picked up some sweet spots on those tours.