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Ev'ry once in awhile, I git a hankerin' to write up memoirs of a perticklerly good story regardin' somethin' int'restin' or ennertainin' that has happened to Meaux an' me. It gener'ly involves fishin' somewhere or t'other, be it the 'Hooch, Crooked River, The Okefenokee, or one of the inumerable bayous to be found along the Gu'f coasts of Louisiana, Miss'ippi, an' Alabamastan.

I hope enny readers that come across this little un-official blog enjoy a-readin' it jes' as much as I have enjoyed "talkin' with mah fingers."

-Swamp Angel

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Controlling Your Wild Blog Lesson 1

Posted 10-14-13 at 10:49 PM by Swamp Angel
Updated 10-14-13 at 11:08 PM by Swamp Angel
I reckon that the easiest way to commence figgerin' out this blog feature is to commence a-bloggin' an' stagger an' stumble our way through it 'til it makes sense.

Let's begin by findin' the place to click on when we want to start a blog topic.

First of all, you wanna go to your profile page. You do that by clickin' on the "User CP" words in the green line at the top of the page. I have it high-lighted here in the picture below:

After you've gone an' clicked there, you should see a column on the left side of your page that has all kinds strange, new options. Under the part that says "Options" click on "Blog Control Panel" - look at the picture below and spot where it's high-lighted again and click on the correspondin' words to the left:

In the new page that opens up, look at the column on the left side in the same place as the former page and you'll see that it has changed slightly. Click on the "Blog Categories" link shown highlighted in the next illustration:

And finally, you'll see a menu like the illustration below. It won't be exact an account of this is mine and I already have it somewhat set up. But you should click the high-lighted link an' then create the category fer your firstest blog. It should be somethin' simple, like the subject matter of the blogs that you'll be filin' anunderneath of this heading. (An' keep in mind that if'n you don't put your blogs in a category, they'll default to "uncategorized" an' it'll be a pain in the patoot to keep up with 'em later.)

Now, this consarned blog doo-hickey limits us to jes' only FOUR pictures allowed per post, so I'm gonna stop lesson one here an' go take a bathroom break an' then refill my glass of Merlot.

We'll pick it up from here in lesson two. . .
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