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Ev'ry once in awhile, I git a hankerin' to write up memoirs of a perticklerly good story regardin' somethin' int'restin' or ennertainin' that has happened to Meaux an' me. It gener'ly involves fishin' somewhere or t'other, be it the 'Hooch, Crooked River, The Okefenokee, or one of the inumerable bayous to be found along the Gu'f coasts of Louisiana, Miss'ippi, an' Alabamastan.

I hope enny readers that come across this little un-official blog enjoy a-readin' it jes' as much as I have enjoyed "talkin' with mah fingers."

-Swamp Angel

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Controlling Your Wild Blog Lesson 1a

Posted 10-14-13 at 11:07 PM by Swamp Angel
Alrighty now, I'm back. Bladder feels better, glass is full of that deeee-lishus red liquid, dogs are jes' a-snorin' at my feet, so I reckon it's time to pick up where we left off. . .

Once you're done piddlin' around here an' have your category (or categories) set up, go back to the menu on th eleft side of your screen and click on "Your Blog" (shown high-lighted in the picture below):

This should carry you back to your starin' point and make it so as you're 'most nigh ready to commence typin' the important stuff that makes up your blog. Only jes' one more step afore we git to writin' our story. . .

So, lookit that dad-blamed "Options" section in the column on the left-hand side of your screen again an' click on "Post to your blog" (Again, high-lighted in the picture below:

You should now have somethin' akin to this picture on the screen of your computational device:

NOW HOLD ON THERE! Don't hit "POST" jes' yet! Look anunderneath of where you'v been a typin
away an' you'll see another menu to choose from.

Be sure to check the box by the category that you want to include your blog in or it'll be left uncategorized an' will be sent to languish eternally in Limbo.

Notice the circled area. This is the mostest importantest part of this page. If you look, you'll see that I have already checked of the box associated with the category "Blog Controls. . ."

Click the correlatin' category that you have created fer your blog an' then you may click on "Post Now" if you have previewed your blog an' are satisfied with it.

It's late now. It's mid-October an' my allergies have done brung me a slightly sore throat. I'm gonna go catch my nightly beauty rest snuggled up with my dawgs, Boudreaux an' Maggie, since Meaux is down in Moultrie trainin' a bunch of professional agricultural tractor drivers how to operate their Trimble GPS navigational systems.

I'll try to bring lesson two out shortly.

(By the way, be sure an' check out the NGTO Facebook page so as you can git properly directed back to the reg'lar message board topics back here that are pert'nant to the upcomin' Fall Fling)

See y'all in a few hours. . .
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