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Ev'ry once in awhile, I git a hankerin' to write up memoirs of a perticklerly good story regardin' somethin' int'restin' or ennertainin' that has happened to Meaux an' me. It gener'ly involves fishin' somewhere or t'other, be it the 'Hooch, Crooked River, The Okefenokee, or one of the inumerable bayous to be found along the Gu'f coasts of Louisiana, Miss'ippi, an' Alabamastan.

I hope enny readers that come across this little un-official blog enjoy a-readin' it jes' as much as I have enjoyed "talkin' with mah fingers."

-Swamp Angel

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Fall Fling 2011

Posted 11-05-11 at 07:15 PM by Swamp Angel
Updated 10-03-13 at 10:50 AM by Swamp Angel
Ya know, chere, it has done been a real good day. First of all, I got to sleep in 'til nigh on six-fifteen this mornin'. That's a good two hours more sleep than I usually git.

Me an' mah wife, Meaux (that rhymes with "geaux" and if you can't figger it out, ask any ol' LSU fan an' they'll tell you how to say it properly) have been a-lookon' forward to this day fer a while now. It's significance includes being the day of the NGTO Fall Fling,as well as the meeting of my LSU Tigers with them abominable white pachyderms of the Alabama Crimson Tide. As fer how a crimson tide is represented by a white elephant, I ain't got no idears.Go an' ask on of them. Of course, them Alabama skules got issues when it comes to mascots. Fer example, Auburn's mascot is the Tigers, but they hollers, "WAR EAGLE!" when they play ball. 'Bama has a mascot of a red wave, but they let on like they's all about white elephants. (This leaves many questions about the quality of education in the state of Alabama.)

Ennyway, it was a pleasure today to compare Gheenoes with Jakal03. His black Gheenoe Classic has all the bells and whistles! His'n gots a center console built-in, a bunch of hatches up front on a raised deck, a live-well, battery storage com-partmints, sa-weet rod holders, a insulated compartmint fer holdin' beer (or mebbe redfish), a powerpole anchor system,an' a really big Johnson! I have a bit of work to do on mah LT-15 model in order to be as fancy as his!

DaDa's Fishing was also there, albeit he hadn't brung his boat, the 'Hoochee Mama with him. The new version is a fifteen-footer with an 8HP Johnson pushin' her. Mebbe his Johnson ain't so big as Jakal's, but I'm told it's not always about size. DDF left me with his raffle tickets in hand as he headed back to the homestead to keep an eye on his young daughter who had just relinquished ownership of her tonsils. (I'm sure his early departure didn't have nuthin' to do with no UGA game or nuthin' like that.) Ennyways, he done won hisse'f a magnetic lanyard fer his net in the raffle. I'll be sure to see he gets it (the lanyard, that is) when I see him on the 'Hooch next.

It was mah distinct pleasure to finally meet Beaverbyte today. A couple weeks ago when Meaux and I was a-fishin' up near Shakerag Rock, I was havin' a heckuva time gettin' a bite on ennything. I finallly pulled out a egg-type fly, tied by Beaverbyte, that had come to be in mah possession via Architorture. Upon the first cast with it, I had a very nice brown hooked an' "brung to hand" as y'all reg'lar trout-meisters say. It was quite the priv'lege swappin' stories with him after the Fling.

It was mah privilege to meet a whole plethora (I jes' learnt that new word there) of the folks whose posts I have been a-readin' fer nigh on a year now. Jes' lookin' 'round and seein' folks allowed me to git names an' faces properly associated. Many of y'all actually put yer REAL pitchers on here as your avatars, so it was easy to associate names and faces to a good degree.

Thus far, mah journey to becomin' a true fly-fisherman has been a pleasant one. I have received good instruction by way of many of yall's posts, as well as some hands-on instruction at the "Fling" events. (I have still to figger out how that young lad, Landon, kin jes' up an' decide to step out into that cold, 'Hoochee water without no waders or nuthin' in mid-March and proceed to demonstrate the proper technique fer a good "dead drift!")

NGTO, thanks to all of y'all fer makin' north Georgia even more of a home to this displaced hill-billy/Cajun. And by "NGTO" I mean to include ever' single member who has ever posted on this board, 'cause it takes ever' single post to make this board and this trout-fishin' family what it is. An' I am honored to have been allowed to be a part of it all.

Now on to more important things for this fifth day of November 2011. . .

GEAUX TIGERS! Beat 'Bama!!!
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