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Is this thing on?

Posted 11-07-13 at 07:04 PM by Buck Henry
Updated 11-08-13 at 03:53 PM by Buck Henry (EG said I needed to quit being so negative)
Check, one....two....three; is this thing on? Well, either my blog writing is about as engaging as a case of the clap, or no one is reading anything posted in the NGTO blogs. But I figure there is one sure way to find out; say something nice about comp fishing!

I was completely wrong about comp fishing. I think it is great for the sport and I think those who are in to it are awesome and also great for the sport.
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THE EG's Avatar
First of all, Buck I appreciate your pointing out that therre was a spammer on the blog list. We took care of him yesterday. The fact that all of his posts were from 2012 suggests not too many folks do read the blog roll.

I would like to respond to a few of your comments above and in your previous blog since I am now aware of them.

I consider you a friend so I hope you will take this as constructive criticism as it is meant. If it comes across as destructive tehn I apologize fro that.

You seem to have come to the point of what I refer to asa "being too comfortable" on NGTO. By that I mean folks get to a point that they think everybody is their buddy so they can say whatever they want and folks will accept it and not take it negatively.

The problem with this is that there are many different perspectives out there and negative comments are not taken well. They tend to alienate folks. So, completely in fun you have made snide comments about folks and things they may feel passionately about...all as jokes.

It's often not what you say but how you have been saying it.

Let's see, looking back the past couple months of threadson which you have posted, you have alienated college fans, Tim Tebow fans, folks of French decent, folks of Irish decent, Mets fans, those that don't like profanity, Washington Nationals fans, Bryce Harper fans, marlins fans, DaDa Fishing, buyers of craft store materials, Aged Sage, Yankees fans,henry Wolfe, fans of defensive coordinators of both LSU and UGA, anybody that doesn't like BMW drivers, hockey fans, LSU fans in general, Gatorbyte, Jason, TroutTackler, Fitfisher, Julian Byrd, Remoh, Franklin Zappa, UGA fans in general, John Denver fans, Johnkies, the Brits, the whole comp fishing community...and...probably 51% of the population that is female. You even seemed to put off Yeti cooler fans.

And it may be in jest but after a while it may not come across that way. This is why I tell folks to make fun of themselves and only themselves and not others because without tone these message boards sound worse than they are.

Now the problem with the comp fishers is you don't seem to be jesting and it jsut comes across as mean. You see all these negative attributes...I see a bunch of guys having fun.

Tis is your problem, not theirs. THe problem also is you have transferred your negativity to others.

Let it go or you will contiue to alienate more folks. THe responses you have been getting lately seem to be proof of this. It's a pretty simple fix. Stay away from the negative stuff and keep you rcomments to positively helping other folks. You are great at that and that is why you are appreciated.

Personally, I'd delete this blog if I were you.

Posted 11-08-13 at 02:58 PM by THE EG THE EG is offline
Buck Henry's Avatar
Now that is what I am talking about, thanks for the reply Bill. And for the record, I never said one bad thing about John Denver.

I promise to be positive and nice from now on. BTW, love what you have done with your hair!
Posted 11-08-13 at 03:56 PM by Buck Henry Buck Henry is offline
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