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New Blog: Buck's Ramblings

Posted 10-28-13 at 04:43 PM by Buck Henry
I fancy myself being good at a few things in life, fishing certainly being one of them. I am not a world class angler by any stretch, but I have caught many fish in my life and feel like I know what I am talking about (for the most part) when it comes to fishing tactics, gear, etc. But for reasons I am still not sure about, I have taken some heat from a few NGTO members lately when expressing my opinions. Maybe someone of influence has it out for me, or maybe these folks just do not like me? Or maybe I have simply worn out my welcome here. Anyway, all of this lead me to a decision to somewhat exile myself and quit posting to the general forums. I am not sure if this will be a permanent thing, but for now I have backed away from posting my own threads or responding to other's threads. Trust me, after 8 years and almost 9,000 posts, this is proving to be a hard thing for me to do!

But then I remembered this blog function that was implemented during my tenure as President. I have never used it as I was interacting with NGTO members via the message board. I figured why waste time writing in the blog section when I am writing so much in the different NGTO forums? But then I figured that while I am on my self-imposed exile, maybe I would start writing to this blog. For what reason you ask; well I am really not sure. I think it is that I truly miss posting to the board and interacting with you all, but still feel like I need to stay away as it seems like all I was doing lately was rubbing folks the wrong way. And I am really not sure what I am going to blog about here? I do not do as much fishing as I use to, but I do get out at least several times a month and fish somewhere and will certainly write about that when I do. But I am going to use this blog more to write about the things I think about, things that interest me, and things that quite frankly tick me off. I am also going through somewhat of a career crisis (again self imposed like most of the pain in my life) and may write about that too as I seek to find what the latter portion of my work life (and eventually retirement) looks like.

Well, I think that is enough for my first blog entry. For anyone that happens to see and read my blog, I look forward to the interaction. Oh, and reading my blog will occasionally come with a homework assignment. Your first assignment if you choose to accept it is to reply here with what your definition of success is. Quickly respond to that question in your mind and then write it down here. Don't dwell on it or go do some Google research, simply spill out what success means to you. I am looking forward to hearing responses to that question as I am about to strike out on my journey to figure out what success means to me.
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Windknot's Avatar
Success, to me, is enjoying living. It encompasses job, relationships with family and friends, and hobbies/special interests.

Life is too short to be angry or sad for an extended period. But then again, I am a simple man.
Posted 11-04-13 at 04:48 PM by Windknot Windknot is offline
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