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Ev'ry once in awhile, I git a hankerin' to write up memoirs of a perticklerly good story regardin' somethin' int'restin' or ennertainin' that has happened to Meaux an' me. It gener'ly involves fishin' somewhere or t'other, be it the 'Hooch, Crooked River, The Okefenokee, or one of the inumerable bayous to be found along the Gu'f coasts of Louisiana, Miss'ippi, an' Alabamastan.

I hope enny readers that come across this little un-official blog enjoy a-readin' it jes' as much as I have enjoyed "talkin' with mah fingers."

-Swamp Angel

People, Places, and Events What? You mean da title ain't good 'nuff at 'splainin; what dis is about?

Fall Fling 2011

Posted 11-05-11 at 06:15 PM by Swamp Angel
Updated 10-03-13 at 09:50 AM by Swamp Angel
Ya know, chere, it has done been a real good day. First of all, I got to sleep in 'til nigh on six-fifteen this mornin'. That's a good two hours more sleep than I usually git.

Me an' mah wife, Meaux (that rhymes with "geaux" and if you can't figger it out, ask any ol' LSU fan an' they'll tell you how to say it properly) have been a-lookon' forward to this day fer a while now. It's significance includes being the day of the NGTO Fall Fling,as well as the meeting of my LSU Tigers with...
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