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No trespassing sign at jones bridge

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  • No trespassing sign at jones bridge

    . I fish above the bridge at Jones bridge and walk the trail, to the right of the home owners green fence, this no trespassing sign is attached to a tree, I'm curious, I thought the land was park land? I'm just asking what's up?

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    What side of the river is that? If you're on the Fulton county side that is country club of the south property. If you're on the Gwinnett side that is property that belongs to the checkfree corporation
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      If you are talking about the park on the Fulton Co. side of the river you can go to the Fulton County Property map site and zoom in to see their boundaries. If you click on a parcel it will give you the details.

      Here is an example.
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        Over protective homeowner just trying to keep out perceived riff raff and trout bums.

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