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Fish kill in VA

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  • Fish kill in VA

    This type of occurrence really bum me out. This reminds me of what happened on the Ogeechee River down near Statesboro about 10 years ago. As an angler, these are the type of situations that worry me the most about the future of the places that are so valuable to me. It is crazy to think that only 165 gallons leak of a chemical can cause a catastrophe that may take years and years to recover from. While these events don't happen often (to me, one time is too often) they can have a huge, lasting impact. I can't even imagine if this were to happen to the Hooch...

    As anglers, we have to be always be mindful that our most important and sacred places (whatever body of water that may be for you personally) are only 165 gallons away from total devastation. Don't take it for granted. This could happen anywhere.