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    I have written a book that should be of interest to all who are concerned about a sustainable future.
    The title: "Gross Deceptive Product: An Ecological Perspective on the Economy".
    The book makes the case that economic growth is a serious threat to ecosystems (including trout habitat) and is not sustainable. Measuring economic success in gross terms (gross domestic product) is deceptive because it says nothing about the net cost or benefit to either the economy or to the environment.
    Please check it out at where you can read the introduction and part of the first chapter.
    If you decide to read the book, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you wish to provide.
    Russ England
    Retired GA DNR fisheries biologist and TU member.

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    Russ, thanks for posting this. I will go check it out. I have been in a voracious reading mood lately!

    "Everyday is a new life to a wise man."
    -Chinese Proverb

    “At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.”
    -Norman Maclean

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      Hi, Russ. Great to hear from you after quite a while. I heard about your book yesterday via Face Book and purchased a copy for my Kindle last night. This is the same argument I've been trying to make for years now after the realization that a "moral responsibility" just wasn't going to happen. Money talks. Thanks to your book, we'll have more ammunition for making the argument that conservation is more fiscally responsible than growth at all costs. Keep up the good work.
      Jimmy Harris
      Unicoi Liars Club
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        Thanks, Jimmy!
        Please give me some feedback after you have read the book.
        I have gotten a lot of favorable comments so far and the book has a five star rating on (11 reviews).


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          Will do. I've only had a chance to scan over it so far but I like what I'm seeing.
          Jimmy Harris
          Unicoi Liars Club
          Unicoi Outfitters Online Store