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    The Chair

    She got the job because she has worked hard many years for TU and is seasoned in all aspects of managing that bunch!

    " .. has elected Kathy Breithaupt as the chairwoman of the Council. Not because she is a woman or may be minority in the trout community, but because she was the best choice for the job. ... "


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      What if I told you we could let state biologists do their job without overthrowing the federal government...
      The first thing scripture tells us about man is that we're made in the image of God. The second thing it says is that man should have dominion over the fishes of the sea.

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        An interesting look at both sides of the environmental movement is in this book.


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          I read 1491 a few years ago - still have to read 1493. Researchers in the field have both praised the work as revolutionary and others call it fantasy. My only disappointment with 1491 was the emphasis on South and Central America - but those locations seemed to have the most history buried in the jungle. Off to Amazon to find 1493!


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            A good debate. I would caution the dependance on State Agencies as a panacea for Federal oversight. Do a little research on State Agencies around the US. Not all have stellar histories or place a high regard on resources. Fisheries has been a boondoggle across the country, with State agencies catering to special interests and bringing in "game" species that are/were not needed and had a huge negative effect on that States native populations. Residents, those that live in the state, vote in state and federal elections are the only real watch-dogs we have. We, need to play an active role in our governance and hold our agencies accountable for their actions and/or inactions.

            Wilderness has certain inherant definitions that cause us to, at time, misconstue each others view-points. An area that is uninhabited by humans can be classified as wilderness; but that may cover areas that do not harbor any life. I think we get off track when we think of wilderness as "pristine". Previous posters have addressed this in good form. We can have, do have, numerous wild places. Hundreds of thousands of acres of wild places. Regions that take a concerted effort to reach, here in the lower 48 as well as Alaska and our neighbors to the north. As I stated, a good debate, thanks.