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    I believe that I am going to book a float trip on the Henrys Fork( through the Henrys Fork Anglers). I can fish and the wife can sit back and relax and fish if she feels so inclined. I would like to book another (probably through BRF) in the park. Id like to hike back as far into Slough as doable in a day trip. I do not believe the wife will participate in this one. If for some reason I decide against it do yall have any recommendations for something similar to Slough? I know it sets the standard for catching big dumb Cuts but maybe their is somewhere else that might be similar and a little closer as I will be staying in Island Park and that is a haul early in the morning to get to Slough parking lot. I am certainly open to places outside the park and with a different guide service.
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      You could head down to the Teton, near Driggs, ID. Or head over to Red Rock Creek. Or, you can fish the Buffalo.
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        You should be able to see the Tetons from your cabin. It's well worth the drive through there. And you should be able to cast a line in any stream along the route. If you do get up in MT you might consider Twin Bridges area and maybe fish Bighole, Ruby River or Beaverhead. The flows on the Madison should be down enough to wade fish by end of Aug. But with the long runoff season, that's going to attract lots of wade fishermen who've been waiting all summer to get there and fish. Might be able to shed "some" of the crowds up there.
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