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Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

    My wife and I are about to do something pretty crazy. We are in the process of buying a house in Steamboat. For a life long fly fishing nut it is like moving to heaven but the thoughts of moving across country to a whole new area is pretty scary. We had bought a lot in N.C. and were planing to build but the birth of a new grand daughter out west changed everything for my boss. Will keep you posted and will continue to monitor web site for anyone visiting the area. A whole new world of rivers, streams high mountain lakes awaits with plenty of snow in between. Colorado here we come.

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    Enjoy the new adventure. We were there a few years back. Had a great time fishing Stagecoach and the Yampa in town.


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      "Moving to Steamboat ......... " I hate you ........ Not really, I just hate that it's you and not me! Beautiful area up that and at a comparatively low elevation for a ski town. Other than ski season, it's not too crowded up that way, and in short order you can get away from the crowds. Be sure to take a look at the Colorado State Forest and the west side of RMNP.


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        Steamboat is nice. Just remember that most of the vagabonds hang out on the west end of town.
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