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Alaska silver salmon trip

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  • Alaska silver salmon trip

    Took my 17 yr. old grandson to Alaska last week for a fly fishing dream trip east of Nome on the Kiukuk River which flows north from White Mountain. An Inuit couple has a rustic fish camp on its shores which was perfect for us. Tom and Beejay Gray, Alaska Northwest Adventures, have become great friends and they treated my grandson like family. We caught so many silver salmon and Arctic grayling, plus one northern pike each. Daniel learned how to cast his 8 weight, and bring in 10+ lb. fish. Wow, did they fight! We caught the grayling on dry flies. They porpoise up over the fly and come down on it. Beautiful fish! Daniel loved it. This camp is off the beaten path and we were among the very few on the river full of silvers and graylings. I highly recommend the camp for a more casual, more reasonable, but very serious fishing trip. Posted by a very happy grandmother, Julie Tallman
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    I'm sure you earned some serious fish karma by taking a grandchild!

    Such a splendid place to share with kids.

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      That is awesome. I lived on the Yukon River in a place called Galena Airport when I was in the service. We used to run boats to the Kiukuk and fish. Mostly caught Northern Pike as long as our legs. Have not heard the name of that river in a long long time.


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        Your grandson is blessed to have a grandma like you and you are blessed to have a grandson like him to share such an experience.


        If you need another grandson to take to Alaska I am available for adoption - even though I'm probably older than you!


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          Where's the like button?


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            i had experience with one of those pike!

            A couple of years ago, i fished one of the Kiukluk's pike sloughs. Caught a 40 inch fish on an 8 inch rabbit leech. The fish went aerial 7 times. It was so awesome. Took my grandson to that slough. He couldn't believe how we could sight cast to the pike. He caught a good one, but not by the hook. It grabbed the rabbit on the leech and wouldn't let go even when we had a hold of it. What an experience for him. He learned how to cast and handle well an 8 weight. As well as land big fish. I loved it. Now he can have confidence in fishing for largemouth with his fly rod. He's a great spinfisherman. But now can do both and enjoy each method for it's own pleasure. Great to hear a colleague on this board has also fished this great Alaska River. We stayed at a fishcamp a few miles down river from Council.


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              Very nice indeed!! Great looking fish!! Memories for now on!!
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