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    Originally posted by flyg View Post
    Good lord, Justin. Eventually you'll have to reach some kind of pinnacle. Trout only grow so big.

    I think he'll start practicing setting up a yurt near a taiman river!

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      : You guys ROCK!!
      The Trout Fishing Bassist,
      Bassasaurus Rex


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        It's on brother! Donkey browns and fiery steel beware! Keep on thumpin that bass, and lookin forward to November . Whoohoo

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          good night! that thing is a HOG!
          "The wild turkey possesses a remarkable ability to turn arrogance into hopelessness"


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            Most excellent fishies.


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              Nice fish Justin. I always look forward to your posts! Where can we find your tour schedule? Any plans to be in ATL area anytime soon?


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                The Band

                I hope I'm not disobeying any NGTO protocol by posting this.
                So it seems like some of you are interested in the new band.
                That's awesome

                Here's a video of the guys before i joined the band.
                I joined the band about two months ago, but its going really, really well. As soon as I get some live footage with the guys, I'll make sure to share here.

                I'll dig out some footage of shows I've done recently, so you guys can see what I do for work. I'll poke around a bit and find a good one to post on this thread some time today.

                We're getting ready to be releasing our summer tour schedule soon.
                Looks like some fun things including a trip to the keys in a month, and a week in upstate NY for June.

                I hope I'll get to see some of you at a show soon,


                [ame=""]Simplified - Home - YouTube[/ame]
                The Trout Fishing Bassist,
                Bassasaurus Rex


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                  Show Vids

                  So, I've never posted any of my show stuff here. I hope you guys enjoy

                  This is a cool project i play with here in Charlotte. Three sisters doing good country music.

                  Here's a show we played with the Steel Drivers
                  This was a killer set.
                  [ame=""]Gal Friday Band at The McGlohon Theater: Bluegrass and Grit - YouTube[/ame]

                  and one from the Charlotte New channel.
                  I hope you all enjoy
                  [ame=""]Gal Friday Band on NBC Channel 6 WCNC Southern Wind - YouTube[/ame]
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                  The Trout Fishing Bassist,
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                    Good stuff man! I'll definitely try to get down the Key West one evening to see you guys.
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                      Originally posted by Jakal03 View Post
                      Good stuff man! I'll definitely try to get down the Key West one evening to see you guys.

                      I'm really looking forward to this Jakal.
                      Let me know. I'm sure hoping we're able to link up for Tarpon Time.
                      May is the BEST poon month.
                      See ya at Hog's Breath.
                      The Trout Fishing Bassist,
                      Bassasaurus Rex