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  • Beautiful Browns

    I hope you are are well here on NGTO. I haven't been able to post here for a while due to a change to my email address. I couldn't log in, but now that everything is fixed, i can post now......So WATCH OUT!!
    Things are going very well in NC. I'm living in Charlotte, playing a bunch of music with a really a very good touring band, teaching a bunch of lessons, and saving my fishing trips for really prime locations. I suppose my age is getting me more into sacrificing quantity for quality!
    I'll be headed to Key West in May for ten days for shows. I plan to have the 8 & 10 weights with me for any fishing opportunities. I've got my mind on a Tarpon this year, so hopefully all will work out. It will be my third time targeting them, so hopefully the odds will turn to my favor this time. I've been tying some sick muskie flies, that I think might do the job well on them.
    Since I'm not fishing much right now it's got me dreaming of my fishing trip from Nov. It was my third year going to NY for big fish.
    It was Steelhead that brought me to the North Lands to fish, but its the brown trout that blew me away this year. Here's a few grip & grins from my favorite fish. I hope you all enjoy. I just had to share.
    I can't wait to get back for my 4th year in a row!
    B Rex

    The Trout Fishing Bassist,
    Bassasaurus Rex

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    Jeez, those browns look like they've been around since the Paleolithic era.



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      Some nice time spent on the water I think. Beautiful fish!
      You gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie.


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        Welcome back, B Rex!

        Great photos! Thanks.



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          Glad to see you back.Nice report.
          Some fishermen see no fish and foolishly
          believe that the river is empty.
          Henry Van Dyke


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            Some very nice Browns, but the best part of the post is seeing you back on NGTO.
            Glad things are going good for you.
            I don't fish to live, but I live to fish.
            I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong.


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              I think those are salmon with brown trout wet suits on
              Always enjoy seeing your posts! Glad to see you back!


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                Welcome back, Justin!

                Careful examination of those pix shows one brown with a hull number: SSBN 731

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                  When are you gonna be in the Keys? I'm headed down there in May myself.
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                    Thanks for all the kind words!
                    I'll try to not be such a stranger.
                    I wish you all well, and hope to see you folks on the water sometime.
                    I shot you a PM, LETS LINK UP
                    have a great Easter everyone
                    The Trout Fishing Bassist,
                    Bassasaurus Rex


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                      Thumping out the back beat and catching big trout! Gotta love it!

                      Welcome back old friend!
                      Message sent from your mom's bedroom during pillow talk

                      Buck Henry
                      Simple Goat Herder
                      Former NGTO President
                      Hall of Fame Member


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                        Your sick! Your obscene! No more mister nice guy!

                        Impressive work to say the least.
                        Goo Goo Ga Choob!



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                          Will you be playing in Asheville anytime soon?
                          The Drifter

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                            Buck Henry,
                            Thanks for the kind words!!
                            I have nothing booked in Ashville yet, but word on the street is we should be getting one of the Ashville alive at 5 shows downtown. I'll make a note to let you know when we make it over there!
                            The Trout Fishing Bassist,
                            Bassasaurus Rex


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                              Good lord, Justin. Eventually you'll have to reach some kind of pinnacle. Trout only grow so big.