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    Davidson DH?

    Sighter there is no DH section on the Davidson that I am aware of. Nearby streams with DH are West Fork Pigeon, East Fork French Broad and North Mills. The three sections of the Davidson are the headwaters down to the campground which is all wild fish, artificial only and C&R. From the campground to the USFS boundary is hatchery supported, and from the boundary down to confluence with the French Broad is Davidson River Outfitters private water.


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      Oops my apologies I meant the nanty DH, though the Davidson is also on my list, thank you for the info!

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        absolutely! hit me up and we'll show you around the trophy section. and there are so many other great spots to go fish near us..the tuck..the nanty..the gsmnp..on and on!

        Originally posted by Sighter View Post
        Thanks Joey for the reply! It was a while ago and there were no harsh feelings just a bit disheartening haha. I will definitely head back to the shop whenever I'm in the area! I will take you up on that offer and be sure to send you an email as well, would love to fish with someone who has extensive knowledge of the area. I've been eyeing the Davidson DH for a while now....

        Thanks to everyone else too, I'm glad y'all enjoyed the report. It was one of the best fly fishing experiences I've had of yet.

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        Joey Walraven
        River's Edge Outfitters
        Cherokee, NC


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          Joey only fishes tenkara rods now, he is gonna shave his head and get a tattoo so be careful.

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