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    Went to Michigan last weekend for my annual salmon trip. We have not had much action the past several years but the report sounded good for this year. Fished the Pere Marquette for 4 days and saw tons of fish. Man were they huge this year. Hooked into about 20 and was only able to bring two in. My arms are sore from fighting these beasts. Was able to catch a very nice brown as well.
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    Awesome! I was thinking of going to fish the Sheboygan river in Sheboygan wi, for salmon next week but the conditions aren't looking great. How crowded does the river get? Is it elbow to elbow combat fishing?


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      I believe this is 4 years after the Mi. began reduced salmon plants. More bait in the big lake bigger fish being caught in the big lake. First time in a long time plus 30 pound being caught.


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        Conditions on the PM couldn't have been better. The river was not that crowded. Were there people on the river...certainly, but it wasn't hard to find a stretch of water to yourself.


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          Nice fish!
          Looks like a worthwhile trip!

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            ewwwww! don't you know salmon is a four letter word
            "Fish hard or go home!!!"


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              Cool pictures - great trip!

              I haven't been salmon fishing in a number of years. Growing up in the midwest, i used to go every year. My favorite fish to catch.

              I'd fish the St Joe - never know what you'd catch... catfish, salmon, trout, walleye, pike...


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                FAKE NEWS! The Pere Marquette River doesn't have any fish in it at all don't waste your time fishing there