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  • 20th anniversary trip

    Last month my wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. Months ago when discussing plans to celebrate the occasion she casually threw out 'Why don't we go fishing in NC?' which pretty much settled it. Knowing I didn't want to spend such a trip trying to coach my wife the next morning I called Gordon with Turning Stones and it was decided we would base out of Franklin and fish Monday & Wednesday the 2d week of October. I've got to admit the drive up Sunday night through what was left of Hurricane Nate was pretty discouraging. By 10:00 pm Monday's trip had been cancelled due to high water. Gordon was booked for Tuesday but we decided to change our plans to visit Biltmore from Tuesday to Monday on the chance something would be wadeable on our own Tuesday.

    While we were seeing the sights Gordon's client for Tuesday cancelled due to water conditions. We jumped on the chance even though it was on private water and would add to the cost of trip. Water was still high but falling fast with a nice stain. I don't know how to describe the day other than we started catching fish immediately and they bit all day long. She was using her 5wt and landed almost every fish she hooked.

    And they were huge. Tired arms forced us to an early lunch. She made it another hour or so after lunch before heading to the bank to read a book. I was fishing the syndicate 10' 3wt and continuing to catch fish that averaged around this size

    With the occasional absolute monster thrown in and a few wild ones in the 12" range which along with being beautiful fish also gave the forearms a much needed break. Finally my arms couldn't take it anymore and I talked Gordon into catching a few while I got some netting practice in. (It was much harder to talk him into this than I thought it would be but was finally able to convince him I could learn by watching him fish)

    We rotated fishing and net man for 1 1/2 hours or so before finally deciding we had enough. An absolutely unbelievable perfect day with my wife and an awesome guide. We lost count before lunch but she probably had 15 or so, I was somewhere north of 25 and at least 10 for Gordon. (Given the occasion and the weather circumstances this was probably the most fun day of fishing for any species I've ever experienced, one of those special times when it just goes right)
    We slept well that night and were up early Wednesday morning to hit the Naty DH. High water had pushed back the DH stocking there so we attempted to wade a few spots on a fast flowing Tuck. We did manage to catch several and I picked up a few new nymphing techniques but honestly the water was a little above my wading abilities and my wife being a foot shorter than Gordon and I could only handle a few hours in fast deep water. Still she managed to get hooked up a time or two and is already making plans for a return trip next year.

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    Looks like y'all had an awesome time . . . thanks for sharing!


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      Nice fish, ugly guide.

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