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Weekend on the mountain

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  • Weekend on the mountain

    Friday my family and I had to drive up to the Smokies for my oldest son's last baseball tournament this season and luckily we had a day to get out and have some fun before the cold and snow hit. My wife and 2 boys were all about dropping me off at a trailhead so they could go spend $$ So I hit the water for a few hours, working my way up this small brookie stream. I was using my Barclay 7.4 and my favorite small water streamer, the baby sculpin, which ended up being the perfect combo for this water. I have used the sculpin on everything from brookies to inshore redfish and it just plain catches fish! At the end of the afternoon I had hooked around 25 brookies and landed 18......I was completely satisfied just standing in the stream so the fish were just icing on the cake! now I get to look forward to heading back up this upcoming weekend and hopefully test a few new micro streamers ive been toying with!

    BTW- If anyone is around Townsend Saturday and Sunday come out to Little River Outfitters for the Tyers Expo. I'll be tying up all sorts of bugs....along with 39 other tyers.

    fallbrookie by brandon bailes, on Flickr
    fallbrookie1 by brandon bailes, on Flickr
    fallbrookie2 by brandon bailes, on Flickr
    fallbrookie4 by brandon bailes, on Flickr
    fallbrookie3 by brandon bailes, on Flickr

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    Wow! Amazing color on those fish and the pics in general.


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      Thanks! They definitely are showing their spawning colors!


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        Gorgeous fish. And good looking fly.


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          How are you working those baby sculpin in the water? Looks tight in there!


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            the snag whisperer- when I streamer fish for brookies I tend to bow n arrow cast them into the the head of the pool in the bubbles/foam and then either dead drift or jig them back to me. if I have adjacent pockets I strip them back...2-3 strips is about all you get at the most on this type of water.


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              Gorgeous fish!
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                Wow. Beautiful!


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                  Fantastic colors on them "Specks". Well done and thanks for sharing!

                  It's getting to be that time of year for our first Smokies trip of the season

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