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Lapland (Sweden) - Video

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  • Lapland (Sweden) - Video

    International Fly Fishing Film Festival film submittal from HOOKE. I liked this one.

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    International flavor

    Thanks for your post! I love the international aspect of our sport. I have done a WWW search for fly fishing on continents all over this planet and have been pleasantly surprised by what I have found. What a wonderful connector between different people our sport can be!


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      Thanks for the link! Beautiful country, beautiful fish, and soothing music.

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        Fly fishing transcends borders. It's a universal language that we all understand beyond whatever your native tounge is.
        Thanks for the post it's definitely an inspiring video.

        It also reminded me I need to send in my Loop rod to be repaired.
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          very cool video...

          agree with all the above statements. This is especially interesting to me right now. I am fortunate enough to have a trip planned to Finland and Finnish Lapland next June and am devouring all the info I can before I get there.

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            I was in Sweden last summer visiting family in Stockholm.. Wish I had to time to venture north for some fishing, but the trip was family oriented. Now, I really want to go back ! The all day sun is rather unique. Exceptional video you posted. Thank you for sharing.