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    Hit the Nanty DH yesterday. Started off like a steelhead trip with runny nose and numb fingers. The state has just resurfaced the road, and even the pull offs for us fly fishers. Not many fishermen there. I only saw maybe 5 other people besides us three. Fishing was a little sporadic and it felt like they had just stocked. There were ribbons attached to roadside trees and I caught new stockers everywhere there was a ribbon. Fish were not spread out but when you found a hole holding fish, they were there in abundance. In one run, I landed (15) fish. Total for the day was over (30) fish with only one brown at 15 inches that may have been a holdover. Every single fish landed except one was caught on squirmy worms. They completely ignored all of my naturals. A couple of friends caught a few fish on nymphs, but no big numbers.

    I still love that river...even if it was cold!
    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
    -Henry David Thoreau

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    The cold's a major reason I love it. I've probably had more fishing time there with snow falling or streamside ice than everywhere else combined. Sometimes in those conditions it can be productive and is certainly always lovely. Plus it's nice to remember why you sprung for heated seats.


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      Sounds like an awesome day. I have never fished the Nanty but hoping to eventually check it out.
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