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The Davidson River

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  • The Davidson River

    Fished the D the last couple of days.
    Water was cold... fishing was slow...but caught a few!
    Hope you enjoy!
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    Lake Lanier & Brevard NC

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    Nice video and fish, but I think you were driving a tad too fast for the conditions.


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      Nice video!!
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        I'll be there on Friday, looking forward to fishing it for the first time
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          NC streams

          Where is the Davidson in relation to Fires creek? I have fished Fires and think the D is not far from there but I have very little knowledge of NC creeks. Thanks.


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            Originally posted by txc35 View Post
            Where is the Davidson in relation to Fires creek? I have fished Fires and think the D is not far from there but I have very little knowledge of NC creeks. Thanks.

            The Davidson is actually over by Brevard NC in the Pisgah National forest. Itís a little over a 2 hour drive from the fires creek area and about a 3 hour drive from Atlanta.


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              Thanks guys...glad u liked it!

              Big T, you know that those sprinters handle like a sports cars!

              The D is about 2 hrs from Fires Creek and is in Brevard.
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              Lake Lanier & Brevard NC


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                Fires Creek to Brevard

                Fires Creek to Brevard in two hours is pretty thin. I would allow for three hours, even more if you make a stop at the Tuck DH in Bryson and the Tuck DH in Sylvia and even longer if you take 276 and hit Looking Glass Creek along the way.


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                  Looked like a good trip. Cold!


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                    Thanks to Wesmac, Fishemon and Johnkies for some geographical clarity. Still a doable trip from the North burbs of ATL it sounds. Gotta go!

                    Just googled it - looks like you get in along hwy 276??


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                      Brevard and the Davison River are tucked into something of a corner of the mountains so any access requires some two lane travel. Which two lane you select probably does not affect actual travel time, more a scenic option. But at the end of the day, highway 276 does follow the Davison until the split at the hatchery turn off of 276.

                      Take I-85 north to the SC state line and take SC exit 1 onto SC Scenic highway 11. On this road, use your cruise control and don't bend the speed limit. I have gotten more tickets on this road than any other. BTW just a couple miles from I-85 on the right is Spotted Pig BBQ which is really good.

                      On highway 11 you will see the intersection with highway 276 going up and over Caesar's Head Rock. Twisty but takes you right into Brevard where 276 turns right in the middle of town and then left to go up the canyon. The SC Park gift shop at the top of the climb has some great deals on lock back knives.

                      Or, you can take Highway 11 across to US 25 and head north where just below Hendersonville it melds into I-26. Stay north a couple of miles to US 64 west and take that through Hendersonville and over to Brevard. Where US 64 does a hard left turn, you stay straight as the Davison is right in front of you. Off to the left is Davison River Outfitters and Hawg Wild BBQ in case you are still hungry or had to ride in the backseat coming up 276 and lost your earlier lunch ... 8- O You may think this route is too out of the way, but travel is composed of miles and minutes and in this instance, more miles may require fewer minutes.


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                        Thank you so much for the details on Brevard county and NC. I'll check this out...soon!