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Davidson River, NC

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  • Davidson River, NC

    Had an absolute blast fishing the Davidson, what a beautiful and fun river to fish. Got a few good sized browns on purple frenchies and a bunch of wild bows on red zebra midges. Spent a bunch of time today climbing over downed trees and windfalls and ninja fishing in the rhodo tunnel. I was just blown away by the clarity of the cold cold water and the unending variety of stones in this river. Add to it great restaurants, great beer, mountain biking stores that sell beer, outstanding mountain biking in Pisgah and Du Pont and it all adds up to a fantastic weekend that I don't want to come home from!
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    Nice report. Wife and I just celebrated our birthdays there this past weekend. Didnít get any fishing in, but rented bikes from Hub and Pisgah and biked DuPont. Drove around the Davidson and canít wait to get back up there to fish it. Beautiful area!