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Nantahala River trip

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  • Nantahala River trip

    I'll be going to the Nantahala in about two weeks. A neighbor wants to take me. He goes up there fairly often.

    Any experiences up there? Any recommended flies? Anything I should know in general?

    The neighbor I'll be going with will probably fill me in, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask early. Wanna do a little research.

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    First thing - there are two Nantahalas, the lower and the upper. The upper is above the discharge from Lake Nantahala and is where the Delayed Harvest is located. You are probably going there. As it is a DH with some fresh new residents (probably) squirmies, eggs, boogers will all work. Some of the fish have been in there for months so naturals will get attention as well. Keep it simple and you will be fine.

    The lower is a fabulous stretch with some huge browns and some of the prettiest wild rainbows you will find. When they are releasing water it is very difficult to wade and limits your fishing. Everything that works up top will work below.

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      I believe i'll be somewhere below the dam. No idea how far down. I looked at the NC stocking page and it seems they'll be stocking a few thousand trout just before I go, below white oak creak.

      I'm fairly excited. But worried. I've only caught one fish on the fly.


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        I think you're about to break that record.
        "What's his offense?"
        "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
        ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


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          also use the search on this board. tons of posts. Youtube has several videos.

          And google maps has street view for Wayah Rd.

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            That's a very informative link, thanks!

            My neighbor says we'll be there around 9 am to 2 pm ish. Personally I'd stay all day but I don't have a family I have to take care of, so I can't blame him

            Hopefully I enjoy it enough to come back by myself some other time.


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              I love the nanty, but prefer the upper headwaters. But I understand the whole place is awesome!


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                Question to those of you who have fished the Nantahala.

                I saw that a non-resident 10 day pass is $18. Non-resident yearly is $36. Not bad.

                Now I was wondering about the special trout license. The description reads "Needed to fish in Public Mountain Trout Waters. Includes trout fishing on game lands."

                Is the Nantahala considered mountain trout waters? Is it considered game lands?


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                  Yes you will need both. You would be better off just getting an annual license.
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                    A steep price for a one day fishing trip, but a decent deal if I can make it a few times a year. I'm hoping my neighbor will ask me to tag along a few times.

                    Thanks for the help.


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                      Send Money ...

                      Send us your money and I promise we will take good care of it! I would second the annual license as NC is not that far from GA and make sure you purchase the trout stamp. Game Lands or any other, gotta have the trout stamp.

                      Decided to go double check on the trout stamp thing and found this curiosity:

                      " ... You will need to buy a fishing license in New York for either inland (freshwater) or coastal (saltwater) fishing depending on where you plan to fish in North Carolina. North Carolina freshwater fishing licenses (also known as basic licenses) are required to fish in any bodies of water located inland from the coast of North Carolina, including joint waters and Public Mountain Trout Waters ..."

                      I had no idea I had to buy my North Carolina fishing license in New York ..........


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                        There are 3 areas of the Nantahala below the lake.

                        One is the "bypass" from the dam to White Oak Creek.

                        It has a few wild rainbows and browns

                        The DH section is by far the most popular and gets stocked with hatchery fish

                        Below where the water discharge from the dam empties into the river it has wild browns and rainbows plus fish that run up from Fontana Lake.

                        There are big ones in that section along with the occaisional rock bass or walleye