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  • Trip to CO/Mount Elbert

    Iím finally graduation from college this may and my dad is taking me out west to Colorado! Well arrive June 6 and were staying in FairPlay at an air bnb for 6 days. What will the fishing be like? From what I understand the water will be pretty blown out from snow melt but Iíd really like to get on some sort of small stream as thatís what I love fishing!
    Any advice from anyone would be appreciated, Iím down to fish anywhere for anything but I would love to get a cutthroat!
    My dad knows nothing about fishing so Iím in charge of making fishing plans but i really donít know where to start! Thanks in advance!!

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    Colorado Trip

    Ahem. " ... finally graduation from college ...." ? Hmm. May need a grammar refresh course. I am allowed to pick on poor spelling, punctuation and grammar because I am a teacher. Regardless, congratulations on graduating and best wishes for your future! Just be sure to never do a word stumble on a letter or resume.

    Onto bigger things! Colorado in June is a toss-up depending on the final snow pack of the season - March is the heaviest snowfall month - so the snow pack will not be determined for some time. If the run off is early, you will have more fishable water, but early June is usually the peak. This gives you two options, find little headwaters that are just high water and not silted and full of debris, or, find some tail waters.

    Fairplay is kind of out in the middle of things so fishing will require some driving. You have the Arkansas not too far away and you can head over toward Leadville and the upper reaches of the river. The road over Cottonwood Pass west of Buena Vista will likely not be open, but if you can drive part way, you may be able to walk into some of the many pot hole lakes in that area. Venture down toward Salida (Arkansas) and there are a couple fly shops there. Now is a good time to start making contact with those shops. Almost all of them have web sites with regular postings and some have newsletters.

    If you want to make a full day of it, pack a lunch and head down and west toward Gunnison. Look on the map for Almont, CO and contact the fly shop there. Just above Almont is Taylor Creek Lake and the tailwater is famous for big fish year around. It may look like combat fishing if you are not the first ones there, but generally the folks who fish there are friendly and helpful.

    Have a great trip and enjoy central Colorado! Too many folks never get behind the Front Range and if they do they fly to Aspen or Vail. Lots of driving time, but trust me, the view is nothing like south Georgia!