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Hiwassee float during high water

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  • Hiwassee float during high water

    Was considering putting in a drift boat this weekend and floating the upper section of the Hiwassee. Looks like they will be "spilling" and projected flows are 4500 cfs, almost twice the volume of a 2 generator release. Anyone floated the upper river in that type of condition? thanks

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    Yea, I used to do it when they spill from the dam.

    It's not impossible but its much more dangerous to anchor in a lot of places, and you must constantly observe whats being carried downstream by the spill waters because trees and every other imaginable thing can and will be carried out of the upper river by that much water.

    I wouldnt recommend anyone who isnt highly experienced in their boats to try it. If you do, pay attention to the waters around the islands and the wide shoals such as Dollar Shoal or Towee Shoals.

    Most of the big rapids will be easy to get across and some will be covered flat (Devils Shoals) but as always, special care should be taken and I wouldnt recommend trying it if your not good with the oars.
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      I appreciate the advice.


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        I floated upper section , power house to Towee last Friday. A few boats out there. Anchor got stuck, gotta go back and get it when flows are reduced.

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