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  • And Now For Something Completely Different...

    ...or not. It's actually more small stream brown troutin', now with starring roles for recurring characters.

    I finally caught with a buddy I finally managed to connect with after literally months of trying to fish together, only to have every planned trip fall apart at the last minute. I rolled in to see him last night and asked him where he wanted to fish in the morning. He suggested the creek I just left, and, since his house is less than two hours from said creek, I said, "Sure, why the hell not?"

    I saw this when we stopped at a drug store for Gatorade and Gold Bond (makes waders like, solidly 20-25% more bearable). I was deeply disappointed to see not a single Juggalo in sight.

    We got to the stream without incident and the buddy, who grew up fishing heavily pressured and famous trout waters in Pennsylvania took the first beat. He quickly scored a lovely brown out of an extremely difficult lie—the kind of spot I usually don't even bother to fish, because, frankly, I'm just not that good. He would continue to do this with monotonous (and increasingly annoying) regularity throughout the day. He popped several more fish in quick succession.

    Finally, he had the basic decency to wrap his flies and leader hopelessly in a bush, and I was up. I roll my first cast out, and five seconds into my first drift there's the big eat I'm looking for. Turns out, this fish is an old friend. Catching a big fish in tight quarters is a whole different ballgame from dealing with them where they have room to run. It's got all the visceral intensity of a knife fight, and like a knife fight, it can't last long. And that's why I was running 2X to the point and 3X to my dropper, and it's why, despite his attempts to run under landscaping timbers and thrash his way free with aerial headshakes, he quickly ended up here:

    (I thought it was only fair to let him show his good side this time around.)

    I turned back to my buddy, who, after thoughtfully and expertly netting my fish, had returned to unraveling his bird's nest of a rig. I offered to wait for him to get re-rigged so he could fish through; he declined. "Nah, go ahead, this hole is burnt anyway." But it wasn't, as my next cast proved. I was particularly tickled by the fact that the first fish ate my dropper (a girdle bug), while the second fish ate the pegged bead on the point. This fellow managed to snag the dropper fly on some bottom trash or other during the fight, but I never even noticed until I realized after releasing the fish that the dropper had been ripped free, tippet and all.

    And really, that's where my story ends, because I spent the rest of the day hung up, falling in, farming fish and generally doing everything except bringing the little rascals to hand. It wasn't entirely fruitless, but it in no way reflected where I thought the day was heading after two casts. Meanwhile, the buddy continued to wreck them left and right, often from spots I can only dream of drifting a fly through. But them's the breaks, and I don't suppose I'd trade his fish for mine.



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    This just looks awesome. What a blast! Thanks for sharing!!!

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      Nice fish


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        Sick fish Dylar! The Juggalo reference is spot on as well!!! Well done sir!

        "Everyday is a new life to a wise man."
        -Chinese Proverb

        “At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.”
        -Norman Maclean

        "We are what we hunt."


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          Great post! Love me some juggalo juice WHOOP WHOOP! I think they just lost their court battle recently that would declassify them as a "gang". Look out for clowns!
          We are the music-makers,
          And we are the dreamers of dreams,
          Wandering by lone sea-breakers
          And sitting by desolate streams;
          World losers and world forsakers,
          On whom the pale moon gleams.


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            Dude you have been on fire, awesome!


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              Very nice.


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                Another week, another reunion on the water with another buddy. Good fish to be had, but the Hole Trolls stayed in their caves.

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                  Nice fish!

                  I once had to contest a traffic ticket in front of a judge right after a Juggalo went in to contest his. I thought said Juggalo would foul the nest beyond hope but I think the judge was relieved to see a nicely dressed and polite human after arguing with someone hopped up on ICP. Got off easy - reduced fine and no points.