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Nantahala Grand Slam (Report)

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  • Nantahala Grand Slam (Report)

    Hello, hello, Lumis here with another Smi.. Nantahala River report. I managed to change it up.

    Backstory: When I first started fly fishing, I was aware that a down-the-street neighbor (Mike) was a fly fisherman. I basically walked right on down to his house and asked him to give me a few tips, he taught me a little casting and said we'd go fishing one day. He said he'd take me to the Nantahala. I've been keeping up with Mike and giving him updates on my fishing trips. We set a trip date about month ago and the day finally came, so he stopped on by at 5:30 am and we drove north.

    First thing I noticed about North Carolina were the mountains. They're everywhere. Very scenic place and I loved every bit of it. There were little creeks everywhere and I kept wondering if any trout were swimming in them. We stopped by burger king for the second time in my life and picked up some breakfast. Some kind of croissant things. Then we drove down the very curvy and headache-inducing Wayah road.

    I no longer hear Durniak's wise words. DRAG FREE DRIFT is no longer a thought I need to keep in mind. It has simply become one with me. I may fish like Durniak but I'm much better looking.

    Pictures are attached to thread.

    We got to the river and found us a nice part of the river to try. After taking forever to rig up, I caught me a quick brown trout. Next cast I tried to do something fancy and tangled so hard I had to re-tie. Fun. it also starts raining here and there. After what seemed like forever, I was able to cast again and caught a brook. Then a rainbow. Then another rainbow. Then another brook.

    I was enjoying my pool and honestly wished I could have fished it the whole day but Mike wanted to show me other parts of the river. I was able to catch a rainbow in one of the spots he took me to but nothing else. Nymphing the faster water wasn't quite as productive as the big slow pools.

    When the fishing wasn't going to well, we decided to move back upstream, and tried a few empty spots along the way. I finally caught another fish about 2 hours later. A brook. Caught him by accident honestly. I was simply reeling in my line. Caught a rainbow another 30 minutes later under a bridge but I scared his buddies away in the process.

    Another 2 hours passed and we were getting ready to head back home. I was a bit bummed out because there was no good pools available to fish, and I'm not a streamer kind of guy like Mike is. The fast water I was trying yielded no results. I stepped on some rocks in shallow water to see if there were any flies on them (I don't know, I was demotivated and thought I'd check it out).

    As I took a few steps I watch 3 trout just swim away. I spooked them. Great. So I get onto the rocks and I take some pictures and I'm looking around and I look down. There a brook trout chilling under me. This is my only hope.

    Look.. If you had.. one shot. Or one opportunity.

    I get the rod ready. My indicator is tangled and not much line separates it and the fly. I have to make with what I got. I cast in front of the brook. The brook attacks... indicator..

    He seems to be ignoring the fly. I change it out. He ignores that one too. This brook is fearless, he won't run. What do I do? I take a desperate measure. I drop the rig right in front of him. I literally hover it in front of his face until he finally decides to try it. As soon as he moves up and takes a taste test, I set it and bam he's on. He dives for the currents and waterfalls. I have to fight him through that. Finally manage to bring him into the net. Success. My petty angling has caught me the last fish of the day. (He's IMAG2141)

    My final fish adds up to nine fish caught today. Mike reminds me that I've caught all 3 types of trout at the Nantahala today. I'm pretty pleased with that. We pack and make the regrettable car drive home. And plan another trip while we're at it. I have to make use of my $51 annual license.

    Little did I know Durniak was fishing the Nantahala at the same time. He was too scared to let me know until I had left. I would have put him to shame if I had met him, so I think he had it easy today.

    Today's report may be more lacking that the typical report, but I'm sitting on 1 hour of sleep in the past 2 days. I'm gonna need to knock out soon.

    Thanks for reading and have you a nice day.
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    NIce fish

    What I like about NC dh is you can catch all 3 species


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      Originally posted by trout1980 View Post
      NIce fish

      What I like about NC dh is you can catch all 3 species
      Yep, I enjoyed that a lot. It's fun too see how they're different. Brooks have some giant mouths.