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Fly fishing in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

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  • Fly fishing in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

    Hey guys, it seems I'll be going to Washington state in June. Sounds like a good opportunity to fly fish for trout or whatever other freshwater fish they got going on.

    Does anyone know anything about the area? River or stream recommendations?

    This will be my first time ever in Washington state and I'd like to attempt to fish for at least a day. Considering i know nothing about the area, some advice would be appreciated. PM's work too if you wanna keep it low-key lol.


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    My son lived in Seattle years back and we caught sea run cutthroat in the sound on an afternoon trip. Don't remember many details but it's easily accessible. They are generally small fish but it's cool to say you've caught a sea-run cutt. Google has a ton of info...
    Fly Fish GA


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      I'm more interested in smaller waters. Small rivers and streams. I'm sure they have plenty in the area.

      I'll definitely be doing my Google research but there's always someone on the forums that knows a place or two.


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        You need to head across the bay to Olympic Peninsula. There is also some great water near Olympia. It's been a LONG time since I've fished there but the list is long for research.