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Morning Quickies; a Running Report

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  • Morning Quickies; a Running Report

    Not every day out is worth a full scale write up. Often, I'm squeezing in a couple of hours on the water around other engagements, or busting out a quickie on my way to somewhere else. This is where these little mini-reports will live.

    We got absolutely plastered by rain from Sunday evening straight through Tuesday. Most everything in the area has been raging, and surface water is actually still draining off. Everything was still BTFO Wednesday, and remained quite high yesterday, but I was determined to get some fishing in, so I ran to an undesignated blueline that I hoped had dumped enough water to be a workable proposition. It was doable—barely. I ended up hole hopping and hitting the pockets directly behind the largest boulders; the usually productive riffle/run habitat was a mass of whitewater. Wading was treacherous, to say the least. I did stick a couple nicer browns among the usual punes. Fish were washed out looking, as they always are when the water dirties up a little. After about 90 minutes, more rain pushed through and quickly blew everything right back out.

    Cheers, y'all!


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    Really solid browns for a blueline. It's amazing the different colors in each. That last one is really long, but don't think I've seen one that "washed out" before....odd. Nice report.

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      what kinda reel is that?
      We are the music-makers,
      And we are the dreamers of dreams,
      Wandering by lone sea-breakers
      And sitting by desolate streams;
      World losers and world forsakers,
      On whom the pale moon gleams.


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        Originally posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
        what kinda reel is that?
        Martin Model 63, affectionately known as the "Tuna Can" by anglers.


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          Squeezed out about an hour on a local ditch, nothing spectacular, but did manage my first few smalljaw brownfish of the season.


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            Finagled a back seat ride on a big river float through town. Smallie action was hot, if not quite on fire. Very few dinks, mostly prespawn females. Caught a couple in the 3-4# range. If there's a gamer fish in freshwater than a river smallmouth, I haven't found it.


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              Those small jaw look awesome! That the section you were telling me bout that could take a jon boat?

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                Originally posted by Philhutch80 View Post
                Those small jaw look awesome! That the section you were telling me bout that could take a jon boat?
                A jboat would do better a little further upstream where the riverbed is narrower and deeper. Downstream of the Asheville airport, it's like 50 miles of shoals and pocket water until it crosses into Tennessee. Not a place for a lower unit.