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Provo slayed by Spencer

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  • Provo slayed by Spencer

    Cubby the bear Spencer took the pic

    Have a little downtime on the trip to let the kid rest so I figured I'd write up a quick report. Unfortunately, I'll have to post more pictures later, because after fishing I got talking Intel with our guide and forgot to have him text the pictures to us, doh! Epic fail, dad.

    Anyhow, ... started the trip with A ton of traffic, I got stressed that we might miss the flight but Somehow we made it to the airport with time to eat and chill. Phew. Upon arriving we hit a stream and got skunked but werenít too upset because we only cast about six to ten times. Got a great night sleep and awoke early for our eight am guide trip.

    May 5, cinco de mayo and we ate tacos yesterday, doh!

    Took our guided trip with Larry Tullis who guides out of fly fish food in Orem, UT. One of the main things I learned, or that has been solidified in my mind over the past few weeks/months fishing tenkara style is that we anglers spend way to much money and time thinking about every fancy new gadget, technique, fly, etc that we someone think is going to catch us fish, and more fish, and now. Watching Spencer slang that long (12 foot) tenkara stick, classically rigged with a (thingama)bobber, split shot, and two small midges/nymphs, not paying a **** bit of attention to drift, line off the water, drag, etc makes me realize that there's probably not that much to catching fish, except being fishy. And, these were, as described by several people "picky tailwater fish" in an almost exclusively catch and release fishery. We all know browns are smart and have "memories". Shoot the guide was like 'these fish have all been caught, a lot, we will have to change flies, a lot'. I think he was prepping me/us for a possible long day, especially with a little one in tow. But we didn't. I don't think he changed flies more than twice, total, in four hours. Maybe he was giving us a false sense of confidence, but whatever, we caught fish. Larry took us to the middle Provo river, a tailwater, where on that gorgeous bluebird sunny Saturday we could barely find any streamside real estate. Very high pressure stream. At every pull off there were ten plus cars and in some no parking left at all. I wasn't feeling great about the day. Finally when we did find a spot, he got Spencer started, tenkara-nymph casting lesson (five minutes) and he was fishing. He then sent me downstream, told me "i got him" referring to Spence And to "put a little separation between us." I did. I ended up catching the first trout, a little brownie, that threw the hook right as I went to grab him (no net). But shortly after that, Spencer landed a 16-18" brown and that smile, that ear to ear smile coupled with the little kid voice of confidence exclaiming "i got him, I got him, oh he's a bigone. I got him!" Made my day. I think we have GoPro of that moment but I need to figure out how to transfer the vids. Then he got another one and his enthusiasm sparked positive emotions in me again. Then he caught another, and another, and another, before I had another strike. We decided (i think because Spencer had fished the hole out) to move to another hole where he immediately got another, then another, and then another. I was able to manage an L.D.R and two landed fish, but the kid outfished me 3 to 1, and that's a conservative estimate. The guide trip ended and we ran into town to eat and get a few supplies/flies that were working from Fish Heads Fly Shop in Heber city. Those guys were great, led us in the right direction, didn't try to sell us crap, and were super interested in hearing Spencer talk about his fish. I asked, "you wanna go for a hike" "Dad!" He replied, "I wanna go catch a monster trout out of our river!" Our river being the section of the Provo tailwater in midway Utah, five minutes from where we were staying (nice little air b and b spot my girl lined up for us). Ok, we had already been skunked here on day one, but today we came rigged and ready. First fish

    Another one

    Third cast he gets a 16-18" brown, maybe bigger than the one he caught earlier. I thought he was snagged, it was that kinda big. Then another, then another. He finally let me fish.... Nada. "Dad, lemme show you" first cast, another. All browns. All super picky selective browns, you've heard that, right. He was catching them on what I like to call the Casttention Deficit Disorder method. Technique Video coming for sale very soon, but here's the gist, slang those flies upstream, wherever you dang well please, in fact closer to you seems better because obviously brown trout aren't spooky when the second half of the cast involves kicking rocks, in the water.... As the drift progresses, in addition to paying almost zero attention, make sure all your line is on the water, sunken in front of the flies seems to work best, so does fluorescent orange tenkara level line, even better if the drift looks so hapless that you think your flies will likely tangle with the line under water, then after that it's simple, just set the hook when the indicator bumps under in any direction that suits you at that time. No need to worry about solid dead drift, line off the water, speed hook sets, downstream hook sets, nah, forget all that nonsense. Taking preorders for the video now. Lmao. Here's the deal: The kid is fishy. Between the morning and the afternoon we had a thirty plus fish day, and he took the majority of those. Now I don't know if that's good for this river since there are apparently 3000-5000 trout per river mile, but it felt pretty good. The best part was, obviously, watching Spencer drag in some trouts, big ones by our standards.

    Sunday, today we rented an off road vehicle and drove the trails up into the uinta mountains.

    I think we topped out near 8000 on some rickety single vehicle "road" that was really bumpy.

    Super fun. And Spencer got to drive even though it was probably against the rules. We tend to ask forgiveness not permission.

    Found a ton of bugs flipping rocks at cascade

    Obligatory flex post. Suns out...guns out

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    Seems like the dopamine and serotonin were flowing this weekend! Great stuff Steve, think Spencer should be looking at a Tenkara USA sponsorship sometime soon lol

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      I hope you and he continue to enjoy every minute of it!!!


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        Great report!!
        And I think its awesome Spencer started off schooling you on the river. As some would say "its better to be lucky than good".
        "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover


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          Thanks y'all. The kid is fishy.

          Day two fun driving the utv down the trail from over 8000 feet. He makes a great DD

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              Epic adventures. Iíd say you know what you will be purchasing for upcoming birthdays and Xmas. I think itís safe to say you hooked him Steve. Catch of a lifetime my man!


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                What a great story. I am hoping to get some father-son trips in in the future with my little one as well. I'll put Provo on my list of places to check out.
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                  Originally posted by ChaChung View Post
                  What a great story. I am hoping to get some father-son trips in in the future with my little one as well. I'll put Provo on my list of places to check out.
                  Charles, yeah PROVO was gorgeous. So much water, and most publicly available. Many of the trails run right through backyards, but I guess they have a deal with landowners or something...
                  Also, if you do plan a trip to that area, wait a little past spring. We really wanted to get up into the higher elevation mountain streams and catch us a native/indigenous cutthroat trout, but the temps had been warm and the snow melt created two problems with that plan: 1) the roads were washed out and we rented a mitsubishi mirage (super small) and 2) most of the streams were blown out.

                  Thanks for the kind words!