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  • Boise

    Just found out I have a meeting in Boise the week of August 27th. Iím planning on going in early and taking a few days to fish. Other than just heading over to the east side of the state near the park, do any of you have any suggestions within a couple hours of town?

    Iíve been reading a bit, and I know the Boise in town is doable, and was thinking of the Owyhee over on the Oregon boarder, but Iíd like to get a cutthroat if possible, and spend some time up in the mountains as well.

    Also, letís talk flies, and what size rod you need to properly present a hopper if you guys have any insight.

    Thanks, guys and gals.

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    I fished the Owyhee below the dam last September and it was absolute fire. Big browns, easy to wade, and just beautiful scenery. It is a really fun place to fish. Can't speak for anywhere else in that area as my trip was solely to fish that river - but if you think that's where you'd want to end up, PM me and I can provide some details including a guide recommendation or DIY tips.


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      I was out there in June a couple of years back. Fished the middle fork of the boise river above the lakes. Bull and Cutthroat are present. I tried to make it to Atlanta, Idaho since a worker in the Boise office said you should know all about fishing being from Atlanta(not knowing GA) but it's a 40 mile drive on FS roads. Stay in lane and don't get over on rocks. Saw some folks lose a tire this way. My Jetta rental did fine. Caught some fish in Troutdale. Also lots of other spots and scenery. Make sure to let somebody know you are going cause there is no cell service once you get above the lakes. Video is bringing back memories. Need to figure out a way to get some "work" there again. We also have offices in Bozeman. There is a old post with pics but I think photobucket hosed the pics.

      I took Hwy 21 to Idaho 82(North fork/middle fork Boise River road). At Troutdale you could hike back into the North Fork.

      Spot where I fished for some nice bull trout. This is before Troutdale.

      Atlanta to south end(Boise)

      Another video. Camping at Troutdale. 3:40 in is where I got some trout on the slack side of the flow. At 7:50 you will see a bridge on the right. I think that is where I went across and parked and fished some of that area. Flow wasn't as fast as on his video.
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        I appreciate the feedback, guys. CDM, Iíll definitely shoot you a PM because Iím pretty sure Iíll just focus on the Owyhee.


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          A 6wt is sort of the gold standard for a big water hopper rod.


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            I recently moved to Boise from Atlanta (GA), and was learning how to fish with the help of NGTO while I was there. I have been to the Owyhee a few times, is great, but the fish see plenty of flies, so it is not super easy. I'd recommend you also consider the S Fork of the Boise River. The 5 mile stretch below Anderson Ranch Dam is excellent (again, pretty smart fish). It is about the same drive time (1.5 hours) as Owyhee, but in the opposite direction and holds mostly rainbows as opposed to the browns in Owyhee. I hope to know more by August. There are plenty of high mountain lakes (I am familiar with a few near McCall) that hold cutthoat. In my experience these fish are hungry, even an unskilled fisherman like me can take them. It is not easy to get to them, but once there, it is very nice. Feel free to DM me as your trip approaches.