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NC camping - looking for recommendations

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  • NC camping - looking for recommendations

    My roommate and a couple other friends are looking to go camping this weekend. Of course, I want to be right next to a river or stream

    No need to give away your favorite spots! ..private message me if you'd prefer.

    I Camped last fall in the smokies and it was awesome..One night was backcountry and one was at a drive-in site outside the park.

    My roommate said he called around some today and he's not finding any availability within the park, which is fine. I'm just going to try and get us near some trout, and hopefully some hiking/vistas for the non-fisherman. I guess since we don't have anything reserved at this point we should look for first-come first-serve places?... But driving up on a Friday night doesn't bode well for being "first come" haha.

    Let me know any ideas/suggestions you may have. Obviously theres the DH waters which I've never fished and would be cool just because hopefully I could catch numbers. Not sure if there's camping near/on any of them.
    Wild fish /Non-DH type suggestions are also welcomed.

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    Meaux and I stayed at Indian Creek Campground a few years ago and had a wonderful time. It's peaceful, close to lots of trout water, and has amenities such as electric and water to several sites as well as an impeccably clean bathhouse.

    I would highly recommend site number 14A if you'd like to be right on the water. There may not be a huge amount of fish right next to the site, but the sound of that water rolling over the rocks all through the night is absolutely wonderful. (Unless, of course, you want to hear that bear sneaking up on your tent at 2:00AM)

    Check out the site and give them a call. Rates were very reasonable and it was a good, clean campground.
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      Deep creek campground is great. Close to Bryson and deep creek is fishing very well also


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        Gonna be tough Michael, Memorial Day weekend is usually sold out 4 weeks ago. Hope you find somewhere to sleep and somewhere to fish

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          Originally posted by RScott View Post
          Gonna be tough Michael, Memorial Day weekend is usually sold out 4 weeks ago. Hope you find somewhere to sleep and somewhere to fish
          I reserved my site almost a month ago, maybe more.


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            camping IN the park will be real dang hard to get a spot this weekend w/o a reservation a month or two back.
            Standing Indian near franklin is a possibility, a lot of sites there, and almost all are walk in.
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              Davidson River Campground is near Brevard. Better call ahead though.
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                Go to Fires Creek. There's dispersed camping all up in there. DH and wild fish.


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                  River Valley Campground is also a great option. There are also a few "first come, first served" campgrounds that don't allow people to reserve them.
                  Let us know if we can help!

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                    ooooooh river valley has a killer location!
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                      3 - 5 inches of rain incoming to large swaths of the southeast this weekend - a lot of first-come/first-served sites and/or dispersed primitive sites will be available, I suspect.

                      That said, whoever you do see out there will likely have a fly rod. Or three.