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New video from the Tuckasegee River

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  • New video from the Tuckasegee River

    Check out our latest video.

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    Best Epic Fail!!!

    When y'all said you were floating the lower Tuck, I was like ooooooohhhhhh boy.... CARNAGE!!!! I used to paddle whitewater on the Tuck so I knew there were some stout rapids. I honestly was super surprised how stable yall were going through there! Nice fish! Let me know if y'all ever fish the Chattooga or Tallulah as I would definitely come fish with you! Thanks for posting some goodness!

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      I thought I understood the flow releases on the Tuck.

      Could someone please school me on the Tuck river levels. On the Cullowhee gauge is it 4í or 2í when there is no generation at either dam. I thought I used to understand releases but Iíve lost my touch. I understand if the East Fork is down and the West fork releases at 6 AM we should start seeing water at 107 Bridge around noon. I try to use the Cullowhee gauge as additional information in addition to flow levels.

      Tomorrow there is no East fork release and the West fork begins at noon. I should expect to see Cullowhee gauge at itís lowest level until around 6 PM. Is this correct? Is this info written down anywhere so that I can try and retain the information? Thanks for any help.


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        Appreciate the video!
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          The Duke Power site has the information on flow times reaching certain lox=cations on the Tuck. Go Bryson city gauge and between the two site you should be able to answer your question.


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            Lower Tuck anymore is the part in Bryson City not Dillsboro/Sylva/Cullowhee.

            Both are DH and heavily stocked
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              Very nice video

              NC DH streams are being stocked a second time this week and next


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                Cool video - Thanks for sharing!
                Tight lines!!



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                  I have fished the tuck on and off for about 15 years, primarily the upper delayed harvest section at the 107 bridge down to the church at Webster bridge (may be the wrong names, but I know how to get there LOL)

                  At any rate, when fishing from a float tube, I have developed my own set of fish-able water from this gauge;


                  I like it to be between 2.5 and 3 for my tube (Dave Scadden Renegade). 3.5 is very fast in that section, and less than 2 is basically wade only although the deeper runs can be floated.

                  Just my 2 cents