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    Well, this fall took a strange turn when I decided mid-deer season, I was going to teach myself to hunt deer. What a humbling experience that was. I also decided since I basically got a free crossbow, that I was going to hunt archery for deer; add to the humility. On several outings, I've seen a few deer, but at distances that were well beyond my effective killing distance with the crossbow; on other outings, I've seen squat. With all the fun and learning that came with trying to learn how to scout, hunt, etc, deer this season, I still carved out time to fish a few stretches of the 'Hooch tailwater. Haven't had the boat out in a while, because of the either constant rains dumping heavy mud into the river or the releases being a very unpredictable.

    December 29 and 31 I was able to sneak out and fish for a long time. Fortunately, I was not among those that had their car windows busted at the dam on 12/29 (Sorry folks, that is just plain horrible. I've said it a million times you do not **** with a mans vehicle!)

    Anyhow, both days were super productive for me. 12/29 was almost all browns, just two small rainbows, that looked like holdovers. Not only numbers, but also size. The new platform, and no tapatalk means posting pictures just ain't gonna happen. Too much hassle. But all in all, I caught about 50 fish, but two were 16", one closer to 18" and one ... she extended two inches past my middle finger and her tail bent more than halfway up my bicep. I didn't get a picture of her, because she flopped like a cricket right outta my hand. She was a hoss.

    On new years eve, I fished a long stretch of the river almost all morning long. THen PhilHutch called and said he was taking the boat out, so I met him and we motored around some mucky water. I still tossed my fly gear, because that's all I had. Caught a ton in the morning wading, mostly small, and one on the boat, also small. Phil caught a decent bass and a good brown and the boat we were floating with brought in a 20(ish)" fish.

    Still fishing.... Now if these rains ever let up I might be able to get up to the mountains and chase some specks and wild fish....
    Happy new year y'all! May there be many many many fish in your net in 2019!

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    Glad you had a great day Splatek. It would be a dream for me to catch 50 fish near the dam. Was the water clear or stained due to the rain?


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      TH18 - Crystal clear... at times the depth was really hard to tell and I went in a little further than I'd like wearing waders... Yes, I wore waders... I had somewhere to go afterward. LOL


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        Iím confused. My Lake Lanier app says 3.1 ft above full pool and there was no water release today. Whatís going on?


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          Good for you! Great fishing! I haven't fished the dam in some time. Believe it is about time to get back on the water there.
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