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Bookending the Tailrace 2/2-2/3

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  • Bookending the Tailrace 2/2-2/3

    Well it finally happened, too many weeks of high water and I snapped and decided to take the boat out and see just how bad fishing the high water is. Turns out the cheapo 3.6hp two stroke is just about as slow in high water as it is on still water.

    Launched at azalea and motored upstream to the mouth of an undisclosed urban stream that’s rumored to hold trout. Backflow from the river had it pretty high and I made it up to the first set of shoals. The bite wasn’t great and in a couple hours I managed two gills, some sort of monstrosity of a shoal bass hybrid, and a follow from what looked like a small brown. Caught plenty of strange looks from park-goers and a few asked how I’d gotten a boat down from the parking lot... At that point I gave up on fishing and decided to explore down around Bull Sluice with the fish finder going. Went down to the cliffs where I saw some large marks just above the bottom but didn’t have the gear to get down that deep. (We’re these big trout or something else). At that point I realized I was in deep water wearing waders in boots so I beached on the shore and switched into less drowning-prone gear and a pdf. Motored back up to the ramp and hit a few feeders on the way. Caught a few more gills and a tiny pickerel.

    On Sunday I decided to hit the other end of the tailrace and journied up to the dam. Fishing was very slow but they were busting all over at some sort of small midge and I regretted leaving the 3wt and dries in the car. After realizing that midges were the special of the day, I did the sensible thing and switched to a micro crankbait. Turns out ripping that over the shallows was the key and I put about ten in hand in a few hours which makes that my best day at the dam. The size of the fish I caught makes me rethink the old wisdom that they’re not piscevorous until they get above a certain size but maybe it’s just a reaction bite.

    Hope yall all got some time on the water this weekend.

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    Nice post man. Sounds like you caught a whole variety of fish out of the river. Good stuff!
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      Nice report! Did you get a picture of the shoal bass you caught? That sounds like the prize of the trip!!!

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        Originally posted by Philhutch80 View Post
        Nice report! Did you get a picture of the shoal bass you caught? That sounds like the prize of the trip!!!
        Unfortunately not. Both that and the pickerel decided to snot-rocket out of my hand before I could snap one. The “shoalie” wasn’t a big guy but definitely didn’t look like a pure blood. Had the red eye and the right stripe pattern but no tail spot and a lot more golden than the ones I’m used to catching. Sure would’ve been nice to get a pic.


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          Sounds like some great exploring. My guess on your depthfinder fish are carp. There are big ones in that area.