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Float Fishing Tube - Life Jacket?

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    I have seen DNR remove float tubers with out pfd's via boat at Jones Bridge
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      In the eyes of the LEO, a float tube is a boat and the same requirements for PFD's apply. If you have an inflatable PFD you are required to wear it when on public water. I have completed half barrel rolls in two float tubes, round and V-shaped, remembered both times my PFD had to be fired to work, but did not find it necessary either time. The Hooch is always cold, but try it in November.
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        Originally posted by Uncle Fun View Post
        I have also talked to people who have a knife readily accessible (chest area)in case the tube completely flips. A quick jab will deflate the tube and make it easier to right. This is a matter of personal preference, but a Plan B is not a bad idea when you are upside down in 50 degree water.
        Not sure I would agree with that as it would now allow water to catch the tube and drag you around in the current. Sorta like putting a sail around your waist.


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          Originally posted by ChaChung View Post
          Even when not fishing at the above highway 20 I wear a pfd if I am floating on something (kayak or tube) and am wearing my waders. I think it would be pretty difficult to swim with the waders on which start to fill with water even with the belt. Then add heavy wading boots and fishing gear strapped to you... I'd say just wear the PFD just in case....

          I have one from dicks sporting goods that have pockets in the front.
          Going under with waders isn't that difficult and if you don't panic, very easy to handle. Water in the waders isn't going to pull you down. When the pools open, put on your waders and jump into the deep end.