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Wading during a release

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  • Wading during a release

    Took the dog hiking today along the hatchery to buford dam trail - he loved it. Along the way, I saw two fellas in waders - the release schedule was alternating between 67 and 127. They said they hit some of the small run off creeks, but then I saw them in the mainstem of the hooch. Granted they were close to the bank, but dang in my opinion that's pretty darn dangerous. I mean, I've been in some mud during a 40something, but I couldn't imagine what that might be like if it kicked up to a 127.
    I hope they are ok and I hope they slayed the fish before PhilHutch gets back!

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    Well, itís finally happened. The constamt releases are literally making the fisherman suicidal!
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        Iíve talked openly about fishing releases in the past and it has produced a 26Ē fish for me BUT Iíve also spent a lot of time studying the releases and I would never think about doing it in these continuous releases. Thatís just dumb. Oh btw... Iím baaaaack!!!

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