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Saturday Water Release?

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  • Saturday Water Release?

    Saturday looks like it might be okay. Looking to get out if no water release. Haven't really fished the Hooch when the water is being released at all. Does anyone fish during the release at all? Maybe further down river?

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    I don't believe anyone has done it twice.


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      I doubt itís safe to wade during a release unless youíre wading on what is normally dry land. Youíve got anywhere from a 3.5ft to 6ft difference in water depth during a release and the banks in that stretch are very steep. You might have some luck fishing haw creek or some of the other feeders but the main river is unsafe (and I think youíre not allowed to be in the water during a release but that may just be boating/floating)

      downriver is more or less the same, just too deep and murkey for safe wading.

      Ive been out a couple times during releases way far down the tailrace in a boat and thatís doable. Youíll drift about 1mph faster but I donít think the bite slows that much. I know Phil gets out there during releases and I think thatís when he caught those two hogs a few weeks back. Iím a gear guy when Iím in the boat but I think itís pretty tough to fish high flows on the fly


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        Thanks for the reply. Water release ends this afternoon, but i have to work. I'm a gear guy as well, but have thought of trying fly fishing. I wonder what the trout behavior is when water is released. Do the ones just under the dam try to hold close location behind boulders or do they swim downstream and back up when the water slows? If I did go out during a release i certainly would not wade out into the main channel. I was thinking more of casting to slower water pockets close to shore that trout would swim to to get out of the current. I mostly wade fish, but have a float tube that i will be using soon for the first time.


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          Between the dam and Hwy.20 you would have to fish from the bank during generation as being in the river even a shallow part is dangerous, prohibited and enforced. Steep river banks are not ideal to fish from. If you fall in during generation you are toast.
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            I agree with Natureman. Don't even try wading during a release. During full releases, the flow can be like 10 times the low flow rate. The water level is 7-8 feet above low flows. They move very swiftly also. Unless you're on a motorized boat or fishing from the bank, I wouldn't even try.
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