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  • Caddis?

    What time of day do the Caddis hatch in the hooch?

    The last spring prior to this one that I fished the hooch regularly was '97 and I remember fantastic dry-fly action. This spring I've been out 2-3 times/week and have yet to see it. I'm wondering if the problem is the time of day because I work evenings so I've been fishing at dawn, and don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining I'd just like to be in the middle of a swarm of caddis flies like I remember.

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    I've usually seen a greater number of caddis hatching right before sunset. On a nice warm day you may get a couple sporadic hatches during the day but majority have been in the evening.
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      What SS said. Thicker hatches during the last hour of daylight has been my experience as well so far. Only sporadic hatches earlier in the day. I would hit the water from 5pm until dusk for best results. Also, during those sporadic hatches, fish a dry with a pupa/emerger dropper until the dry action heats up. This has been very productive for me recently.
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