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Theft at Island Ford

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    stake out?

    I like cop movies. Cop movies always have sweet stake outs. Lets do a stake out.

    Not it on the "bait" car.
    Can I soak the felt on my wading boots with CDC dressing and walk on water? If so, should I start a church? What should I call it?


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      I'm all for a stake out. I'd like a little get back. Let me know..I'm in.
      There are two types of snakes: Chickensnakes and Cobras. If it ain't got a chicken in it's mouth, it's a cobra.


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        Hmmm, not that I recommend DIY LE operations, the great mailbox stakeout notwithstanding , but if you get an effective posse lined up swing by la casa. We need some help taking a bite outta crime.

        This is unfortunate and infuriating. What does NPS have to say, since it is within the NRA? I guess the standard "don't leave valuables, etc". They are spread thin but isn't IF near their HQ? Maybe Fulton Co. or Roswell LE has some new trainees they might want to provide with some experience. Stakeouts or UC surveillance.

        I hate thieves. I love that our local Zone Commander recounts tales of patrol staff chasing "subjects" and, at times, getting "a little physical". Always gets applause from the assembled masses.

        Good luck. Be safe. Be legal.

        "Message received, no reply"


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          There were four cars broken into at johnsons ferry saturday. I bet the same person or persons is doing it all.


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            Seriously lets trap these butt holes.
            Can I soak the felt on my wading boots with CDC dressing and walk on water? If so, should I start a church? What should I call it?


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              Apparently they have come out of the hills in search of a bigger thrill. I think the economy has a lot to do with it and people are desperate to get their fixes. Fact of life I suppose. Not condoning it in any way but really the only way to stop all this is to start executing people and quit giving them three hots and a cot in a cushy jail cell. Why do real work..... when you can steal and if you get caught you still have a better deal?


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                the same story, same spot, many years ago

                Sorry to hear about your mishap.

                About six years ago, I stopped at the same spot on the way home from work. Left my work clothes in the car and did something I never do - left my wallet in the car - and headed to the river.

                Within 15 minutes of hitting the water, I was notified by the ranger that my car had been broken into. The scumbags had my wallet and their path of crime was very apparent from the chronology of the spending on my credit cards - Quicktrip, Champs at Northpoint, Toys are us, Sports Authority, and then the mall. Stopped the transactions in mid-stream as they were trying to buy a $500 gift card at Rich's.

                Park police said that the break ins were not that unusual and that seeral previous apprehended burglars were fine members of the apartments around the park.

                Dont leave valuables in the car and best to leave unlocked.

                I believe a successful sting was step up several years ago at Whitewater. Good luck!