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Theft at Island Ford

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  • Theft at Island Ford

    Left work early yesterday and hurried home to get my gear. Wasn't sure where I was gonna fish exactly so I took my custom made 6wt and my Winston BIIx 5wt and my waders and went to Island Ford for a little fishing. Stopped at the first parking lot and it was deserted so I decided to do a little wet wading soI left my Winston and my waders in the car and headed down the trail. Had some good luck and landed about a dozen fish and went back up to my car. The back window was busted out and my Winston was gone.

    There is no way anyone could have known it was back there because the windows are so dark and the rod was in the space between the third seat and the hatch. It was the Fantasy Goddess' truck so I had to call in a favor and get her glass replaced this morning without her knowing about it. It really sux to lose your favorite possession but it is my own fault.

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    scum bags

    That sucks. I had the back window of my truck busted out one night in athens, all they took were some CD's! I hate scum bags like that. If you left your door unlocked or windows down I would agree it was your fault, but when some d!ckhead smashes your window in without knowing whats in there, thats about as low as you can get. Check the local pawn shops, I dont imagine it went very far.
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      sorry to hear that

      Dan -

      Sorry to hear that, I always worry, but haven't had a problem yet. Some scumbag is out there with a fancy cane pole. Did you report it? Hate to think that this could be the start of spree


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        Hate to hear it Dan. Gunne loses his toon and now your Winston is gone. Do you happen to know what the serial number was ? -- I believe it is written on all 4 pieces on a Winston.


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          That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had my truck broken into once before. They took my friggin cell phone and iPod.......not the $1K worth of tools sitting in the back seat . After they had thrown a boulder at my truck to bust the window, hitting my door several times in the process....It cost more to fix the window and door than it did to replace what I lost. I noticed the other day at the canoe launch side of Cochran Shoals that there was glass everywhere. Since my truck was broken into, I generally try and make sure there is nothing of value left in my truck when I leave it and leave the windows rolled down a bit. That way if someone really wants in, they don't have to break anything.
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            Stories like this boil my blood. Smash and grab thieves are pathetic wastes of life that have absolutely no respect for their victims and I will give them none in return. You should "hunt over bait." Leave some cash and a cell phone on the passenger seat of a vehicle, then hide in the nearby woods with a bat and wait. You may find out who has your Winston.

            The sad thing is, he will probably only get a few crack rocks for your Winston..........most drug dealers/pawn shop owners don't know the value of a fine flyrod.


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              I hate it for you man. My truck got ripped off at the house Sunday evening. The dumb *** took the foot control pedal to a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor. I'm sure that jerk will get top dollar for it.


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                Sorry, Dan

                I hate feeling violated, and I imagine you do, too. I hope the perp spends time with a 350 pound cellmate biker named Pork Chop, who calls him Sweety.

                Maybe you need a cute little puppy. Named Cujo.

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                  So sorry about that!

                  What a shame! RScott was very kind in showing me around IF, and I was really looking forward to going again. Now I'm wondering whether I should. On the other hand, I hate to think we'd let a scumbag like that keep us off the water. I like to think of myself as a pretty peaceful guy, but something like this really ticks me off and makes me think the baseball bat idea has some merit!


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                    Truly...that sucks!
                    I'd like to catch some thug in the act and beat the ever-living snot out of them with the Ted Kluzuski (White Sox-late 50's early to mid 60's) Adirondack 44 oz bat I keep in my truck..(you know, in case I want to play some ball) ...
                    Apart from that, I am sorry it happened. The guy who owns/works at our friendly neighborhood package store got robbed last night. He took 4 shots from a 40 Glock...lucky the bandit's aim was no better than his judgement. Mike will br back at work this Thursday, since the wounds were all through muscle mass and no organs were hit.
                    Still, it makes a hard case for us to forgive theft. We have had thefts before and we live in a "good neighborhood". I have experienced a feeling of who's been handling my stuff and what did they handle, but decide not to steal??

                    Makes me wish Steven Segal or Clint Eastwood was around when you needed them.

                    Tight lines!


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                      Dan, sorry to hear about your misfortune and at IF at that.

                      I hate scumbags like that !!!! That has been my fear every time I go fishing anywhere that after a good day on the water I would come back to find I was violated.

                      Several months back my truck was broken into and my laptop bag and tool bag were stolen. The laptop was backed up and had several layers of security so I was not worried about it, but all the stuff in the bag and all the tools I had collected and customized for what I do over a period of 15years could really never be replaced.

                      Knowing they will go of fund someone's drug addiction pisses me off even more.
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                        I feel for you, that's no good at all, sorry man! I appreciate the heads up too, it's an unfortunate reminder for me as I sometimes leave items of value in the car at IF and other public parking lots. Whoever he is, he'll get his one of these days.
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                          it always sucks when someone violates your personal property. However, good things will come back to you! They'll get what they deserve, karma is a beeeeyotch.


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                            This has been almost a daily event at Gold Branch and Azalea Road, Bull Sluice Lake.

                            I now leave my windows down and doors unlocked, and of course, nothing of any value.

                            Anyone want to organize a little "stake out"?


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                              Same thing at Abbot's on Sunday

                              My Dad, my kids and I went on a quick fishing trip Sunday to Abbott's and while we were gone someone smashed out my dad's truck window and stole his laptop. And get this. Stole the bag full of costumes and props he uses when he teaches kids Sunday school. That will get you an extra black mark! Guess they needed something to haul it off in. Parking lot was full and I can't believe nobody saw anything. The police said Abbotts has been good with the exception of a trailer stolen a few weeks back. Make sure to not keep anything of value in your cars when parking at these access points. Sounds like this has been happening at several locations so might be the same group. I like the baiting idea but if I saw someone doing that I would be the one going to jail so probably best to leave to the experts.