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Paces 2/27

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  • Paces 2/27

    Went down to the Paces entry point around 4:00 P.M. yesterday armed with my 8 foot, 5 weight rod with a dropper rig consisting of a caddis pulling a prince beadhead. Went upstream a ways towards I-75 and observed the water. A hatch was coming off and the fish were more active on the surface than I have ever seen in my life. Everywhere I looked there were fish jumping or surfacing. In one hour (I only got one hour because my girlfriend was running while I fished) I caught 6 Browns and got about 10 strikes. Starting off with the dropper rig, I wasn't having much luck, so I took off the prince bead and left the caddis on. That was the magic ticket causing my hot streak of 6 fish in about 40 minutes. Unrelated to fishing, my girlfriend and I got to see a group of four deer grazing across the river in the dusk sun. Atlanta is a great place.
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    Welcome to NGTO. Nice report, the hooch can be amazing when the caddis are hatching like they were yesterday.
    Can I soak the felt on my wading boots with CDC dressing and walk on water? If so, should I start a church? What should I call it?


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      Sounds like a good day to me! Whitewater was hot yesterday too, caddis everywhere. Seems to make mondays a little better huh?


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        Hawker, you must be in love

        I was fishing above and across the river from you yesterday. When I saw you leave after your girlfriend showed up. I had to chuckle to myself and wish I was young again.

        Only a young man in LOVE would have left the river to go with his girl when an epic hatch like yesterday was underway. That was a once in a lifetime hatch on the Hooch. (I was out there today and the hatch was awsome but not EPIC like yesterday).

        I hope to meet you on the river sometime, and I hope your girlfriend appreciates the huge personal sacrifice you made for her.