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    A brown, black, or olive woolly booger with nearly any dropper has always done well for me when drifting it through fallen timber or along the seams of the current as it passes around rocks. It's more about presentation than the actual fly. However, fishmonger seems to be more successful with stripping streamers and e-Flyz.

    I'm still a novice at stripping streamers, and my attempts are so spastic that I have only been able to catch trout with a net while they were laughing at the goofy motion of my streamers in the water. (I am ashamed of that last bit of information, and I trust you will not share it with ennyone on the message boards here, lest my misfortunes and inadequacies provide ammunition for the jealous souls that wish they could get out on the 'Hooch as often as I usually do.)

    Your booger should be on a size 10 or 12 hook, and your droppers no bigger than a 14, although I would suggest 16 would be better. Of course, spinning gear is legal also too, and in that case I would recommend Panther-Martin inline spinners. (Fishing is fishing, and no one method is preferred over another until survival comes into play.)

    I hope y'all will have a great time, Tyler! Be sure to check the release schedule ON THE PHONE before y'all go out Saturday, and figure that your trolling motor will push you up river (at most) to Rogers Bridge. (About two miles.)

    Keep an eye out for 8 to 15HP outboard motors on Craigslist and you should be able to score one for a good price before springtime sets in. It'll really open up the possibilities of the Chattahoochee to you!
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      Originally posted by tdaily View Post
      Thank you all for the comments. There is a lot more than meets the eye about taking a boat out on the hooch. I will check the schedule, launch at abbots instead of McGinnis and head upstream. Also I already have a life jacket that I planned on wearing and I will definitely get out if the water rises. Thank you all for being concerned about safety as that is such an important part of being a responsible fisherman. I have a Minn Kota 55lb thrust trolling motor. Also any comments on what is working as far as flies?
      Tdaily - I also live in the Alpharetta area and have been running a boat on the hooch for 15+ years. I would be happy to link up sometime and show you some of the better holes and ledges that hold fish, general navigation of the river and how to launch/load your boat in current if you dont know how to do so. I'm covered up with work this weekend but will be back out on the river the following weekend most likely. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you would like to go sometime.


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        Hey, I will send you some info this evening via PM that I occasionally provide for those new to flyfishing and esp. in GA.

        In addition, I may be fishing Sat. afternoon (when it warms!) at Paces if water conditions allow. Gold F150, gray waders, gray beard. Be glad to work with you some if I make it out and you decide to wade. Again, depends on the temp/how good the fire feels.
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          Originally posted by fishmonger View Post
          Graph of water levels at McGinnis:

          Notice that it goes up 10-12 feet during a release, THAT is why you shouldn't try to boat or fish on high water.

          Fishmonger, I'm curious about the levels @ McGinnis but I can't see the chart. Can you repost or send me the link?
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              The weather forecast shows 10 days of shine so that should help things out
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