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20" and 28" Browns Today!

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  • 20" and 28" Browns Today!

    I had the best two hours of trout fishing I will ever experience today, with a slightly sour ending.

    I floated down to my usual haunts. Yoohoo water, a thunderstorm, freaking game on. Caught a spunky 14" brown and rainbow in the first hour.

    Then thunder began popping in the distance. I figured I would push my luck.

    BAM this 19 to 20" beauty smacked my plug. Needless to say my day was made.

    He was super fun, and took off like a rocket back to the depths after a quick snapshot.

    I figured I was done, but on my paddle back up I decided to hit a certain hole for five more minutes. This hole haunts me, as I lost a probable 7 to 8 pound male there last month.

    Second cast, something absolutely crushes my lure. I could tell the way it wallowed on the surface it was massive. I found the fish for about fifteen minutes, chasing it down 500 yards of river. I don't know how she didn't pop my 4lb test, or take me into a tree. At about the fifteen minute mark it was like the fish just gave up. She cruised in on her side, and twenty minutes of revival attempts had no effect.

    She ended up measuring over 28 inches, and cam out to be 12 pounds.

    I am no doubt stoked about catching a fish that I have been hunting for well over 10 years, since I was 13 or so. What do you do though when while fighting your dream fish it dies? It puts a damper on my enthusiasm that this majestic fish couldn't be brought back, but I'm still proud of my accomplishment in setting a personal best that will be very hard to top.
    I like em big fat and sloppy.

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    Unbelievable day! Congrats on two great fish. It is rather unfortunate that the larger one would not revive, but you're not the first one to ever have that happen. Perhaps in the future a little bit heavier line could be used to expedite the catching process a little bit. When you get fish like that hellbent on trying to kill a lure they usually are not looking at the line quite so much. 10-12 lb fluoro is just fine. Regardless, great catches. I am incredibly jealous!
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      Great fish!!!!!!


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        Wow, what a day!

        I agree with Trout Freak, 4 lb test killed that fish. You have to work a fish like that so tenderly on that light of line, and that long battle causes a fatal build up of lactic acid in the fish's muscles. 8 lb fluorocarbon is invisible in the water, especially stained water, and you can put LOTS of pressure on with 8 lb test. 8 lb test is all I used to use to fish salmon and steelhead out west, and salmon and trout on Lake Michigan, and I lost very few fish to breakoffs. I think you could up to 8 lb fluoro and not change your hook up ratio.

        "What do you do though when while fighting your dream fish it dies?" You have that baby mounted!

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          Congratulations! That ones going to be hard to beat!


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            Great fish and she (I think) has done her job of making about 20,000 smaller browns. I hate it too, but don't let that kill your joy in catching a true Hooch trophy....

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              Originally posted by fishmonger View Post
              "What do you do though when while fighting your dream fish it dies?" You have that baby mounted!

              I was thinking lemon, salt and pepper.


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                Way to Go! Makings of a new profile pic
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                  Nice fish of a lifetime there. Get it mounted and someday have it in your man cave. Hard to tell but that looks like my shimano spinning reel.


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                    As I have said before, even the most ardent C&R fisherman gleefully participates in a blood sport.

                    Be proud of your catch Alex, that is some fish!
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                      That's a beauty Alex, awesome job I gotta sling some streamers with you one day soon.


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                        F-ing right Alex. Sucks with the new job I haven't been hitting the water with you lately. I knew this big boy was coming to you soon. I'm next!!
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                          "Like" button!


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                            Congrats on a hooch gator trout!! If you eat it, cut that stomach open and see what she ate!
                            How do you get over a crappy fishing day? Go fishing again, and again.



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                              I did end up taking it to the local taxidermist to get it done up. They were willing to pump it's stomach, found 11 inch and 13 inch rainbows in its belly.

                              Surprised it was willing to eat a 5 inch plug
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                              I like em big fat and sloppy.